Sunmanagers-summaries By Author

AuthorSubject Date
 SUMMARY: Veritas Volume Manger: Saving configuration21 Jul 2004
Aaron Taylor
 Summary: Gentoo Linux NFS problem16 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY: Sunfire V65x Memory Compatibility?01 Mar 2004
Abeysekera, Krishani
 SUMMARY: How to upgrade a NIS+ server from Solaris8 to Solaris 923 Jan 2004
Adam and Christine Levin
 SUMMARY: quick swap question -- which processes are swapped?10 Feb 2004
Adam Levin
 partial summary and more details re: notrouter and multi-home15 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: new to SAN -- need some direction21 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: /etc/notrouter and multi-homed hosts15 Apr 2004
Adam Mazza
 SUMMARY #2: sol9 + 3510FC + qlogic qla2340-CK22 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: sol9 + 3510FC + qlogic qla2340-CK22 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: mirroring with Jumpstart on Solaris 9 04/0426 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: re-enabling vold after running JASS 4.0.1 on Solaris 919 May 2004
 SUMMARY: fatal error on 450005 Jan 2004
 [SUMMARY] #2 problem installing flash image on v240 that doesn't contain DVD drive13 Jan 2004
Adolf, Christopher
 SUMMARY: Connecting V480 and 3510fc13 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: Swap space leak on Clustered E450's with Solaris 818 Nov 2004
Adrian Gschwend
 SUMMARY: NIS+ problem with user login ("...permissions too tight")19 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: port/process association11 May 2004
Adrian Phipps (AC)
 SUMMARY: Weird useradd problem.27 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY: Fp0 error27 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: Port errors - solaris 608 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: File system taking the mickey04 May 2004
 SUMMARY: Veritas Volume Manger 3.5 GUI problems13 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: Reading sar data files02 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: Sun Fire 3800 compatibility04 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: Sendmail novice29 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: Date problem27 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY: Gigabit Ethernet Card settings03 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: PHP for Solaris 804 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY:CDE problems19 Jan 2004
 SUMMARY: Apache 2.0.** binary for Solaris 813 Jan 2004
 SUMMARY: TOP help22 Jan 2004
 SUMMARY: Tape Libraries Evaluation04 May 2004
Agustin, Mario B
 Sun's SRC/P card, Solaris upgrade SUMMARY27 Apr 2004
 [SUMMARY]V210 & Sun XVR-100 Video card11 Nov 2004
Alan Carbutt
 SUMMARY: Unattended backup27 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: Multiple C compilers question28 Jul 2004
Alan G Beardsley
 SUMMARY: SUN Storedge D1000 Disk Upgrade22 Jan 2004
Alan Kong
 Summary: Unable to automount form Sparc Solaris 806 Dec 2004
 Summary: System can't bbot after removing SDS mirror26 Nov 2004
 Re: Solaris 9 - patch install fail - Summary03 Nov 2004
Alan Pae
 Summary: Not Urgent: Biometric devices that work with Solaris16 Sep 2004
 Summary: Not sure, IPv6 and Multicasting27 Jun 2004
Alessandro Zibellini
 SUMMARY: problem with sds 4.209 Jan 2004
Alex J. Avriette
 SUMMARY: MacOS X (client), Solaris 9 (server) NFS issues03 Jan 2004
Alex Theodore
 SUMMARY: Memory Errors on Ultra 1011 Jan 2004
 SUMMARY Migrating from a 280R to a V48011 Jan 2004
Alexander J. Annala, Ph.D.
 Summary: Sunpci II 600Mhz Max Res01 May 2004
Alexandre Déry/dgt/sct
 SUMMARY : Routing : How to force outgoing ethernet interface30 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY : Sol9 - VxVM 3.5 : Log plex problem after disk replacement08 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY : PCI Device to PCI Slot mapping ?12 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY : Root restore on SVM mirror = panic on reboot09 Feb 2004
Alfredo Sola
 SUMMARY: Solaris partition table recovery?05 Jul 2004
 Summary: Booting Solaris from Debian GNU/Linux (Sparc)30 Jun 2004
Allan West
 SUMMARY: T3 array battery (update)18 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: T3 array battery15 Mar 2004
ALLEN, David
 SUMMARY: Sun IP configuration04 Oct 2004
 No SUMMARY: NFS mount problem15 Jul 2004
 Summary: Stupid Hardware Question-Ultra1016 Sep 2004
Amit Arora
 [Summary] Clear Zombie without reboot11 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: Configuring an application in a SUN CLUSTER 3.015 Aug 2004
Andre R. Kruger
 [SUMMARY] Null Modem Cable Pinouts to connect a Netra Console port to a Netra Serial Port19 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: Installing SUNONE messaging server16 Feb 2004
Andreas Hoeschler
 Summary: SunPCI card and german keyboard07 Oct 2004
 Summary: postfix and newaliases13 Aug 2004
 Summary: vm-pop3 on Solaris12 Aug 2004
 Summary: Solaris 9 install server11 Aug 2004
 Summary: DiskSuite on Solaris 9 CD28 Jun 2004
 Summary: Interface does not come up29 Jun 2004
 Summary: rsync on Solaris with large files15 Jun 2004
 Summary: Improper tan and atan on Solaris02 Jun 2004
 Summary: SunPCI III on SunBlade 10030 Apr 2004
 Summary: Getting Sun Ray to work30 Apr 2004
 Summary: How to patch Solaris 8 (GNOME preparation)05 Mar 2004
 Summary: GNOME 2.0 Download05 Mar 2004
 Summary: Killing process with a shell script13 Jan 2004
Andreas Höschler
 Summary: Enlarging disk slices after installation21 Dec 2004
 Summary: Apache with mod_ssl on Solaris 9 (from source)18 Dec 2004
 Summary: Building Apache 1.3.7 on Solaris 917 Dec 2004
 Summary: Removing trash files16 Dec 2004
 Summary: DNS problem on Solaris 924 Sep 2004
 Summary: IPFilter with rdr entry on Solaris30 Jan 2004
 SUMMARY: Remote Xclients on Sun Blade with Solaris 924 Mar 2004
Andres Ballestas
 SUMMARY : Blade-Cluster13 Apr 2004
Andres Rojas
 SUMMARY date -a help.25 Mar 2004
Andrew Davis
 SUMMARY: SunFire V100 boot error & Trying to boot from previously failed disk on SunFire V10007 Jan 2004
Andrew Garnett
 SUMMARY: VNC & Solaris key behaviour20 May 2004
Andrew Hall
 SUMMARY: Fujitsu Primepower 250 / Solaris 10 / jumpstart06 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY: odd syntax error in bge.conf26 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY Re: jumpstart error29 Sep 2004
 [SUMMARY]: Jumpstart - dumping to interactive install when using name_service=DNS17 Feb 2004
Andrew J Caines
 SUMMARY: Multi-level ufsdump of file(s), /etc/dumpdates02 Mar 2004
Andrew Luande
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 init0.d Kill script24 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: Create additional superuser08 Jan 2004
Andrew Watkins
 SUMMARY: Which RAID system (S)ATA or SCSI21 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: Checkpoint Blocking Solaris30 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: ls question02 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: Read OK, Write Errors29 Apr 2004
Andy Ford
 SUMMARY: Veritas disk recovery02 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY: Upgrade of disk and now Mirror different size to Submirror03 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY: re-mounting a readonly partition read-write21 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY: failed to boot after jumpstart ??18 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: UNIX fifo file (off the wall)28 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: ifconfig configuration persistency18 Apr 2004
 Summary: Sunfire V120 ok prompt commands27 Feb 2004
 Summary: Solaris SysAdmin book ??19 Feb 2004
 Summary: Solaris SysAdmin book ??19 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY: Solaris root password recovery22 Jan 2004
Andy Kinghorn
 SUMMARY: NetApp Filers using Ontap23 Feb 2004
Andy Malato
 SUMMARY: SCSI timeout errors when using external disk pack03 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY: Can not reset NVRAM on sunfire88006 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: Problems with StorEdge 3510 FC27 May 2004
 PARTLY SUMMARY: Problems with StorEdge 3510 FC27 May 2004
 SUMMARY: Disksuite: issue with mirrored bootdisk23 Mar 2004
Angelo McComis
 SUMMARY: Freshening Solaris 7/E4500/Cluster 2.227 Aug 2004
Angelo McComis (Sun Managers)
 SUMMARY: Replacing E4500s, suggestions for new models?27 Oct 2004
Anjan Dave
 SUMMARY: mouting / filesystem19 Apr 2004
 Summary: tarring up maaaany subdirectories10 Mar 2004
 Summary: Extra-Cannot upgrade to Solaris 9 from 8 with current DiskSuite 4.2.1 installed28 Oct 2004
 Summary: Cannot upgrade to Solaris 9 from 8 with current DiskSuite 4.2.1 installed28 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY:1.7 TB file system on Veritas giving error...23 Jul 2004
Anthony Gunia
 SUMMARY: USB Drive on Solaris 9 x8605 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY: fssnap on Solaris 9 for x8630 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY: Starting CDE from SSH Shell Prompt16 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: NFS Mount Problem05 Jan 2004
 SUMMARY: Solaris vs. HP-UX12 Jan 2004
Anthony Talltree
 Summary: On the topic of mice & keyboards...15 Apr 2004
Antonia Gomez
 SUMMARY "problems sunscreen"23 Apr 2004
Arunachalam Jayaraman
 SUMMARY: Reserving swap space28 Sep 2004
Aseltine, Dick
 Summary RE: Growing soft partition10 Nov 2004
 Summary : SVM soft parition with Sun raid manager/ A100005 Nov 2004
ashish madhavan
 summary: root disk crashed!!!!16 Apr 2004
 summary:: root disk crashed!!!!15 Apr 2004
Ashish Nabira
 SUMMARY: cron problem11 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: CPU utilization gives spikes in every 5 min.26 Feb 2004
Athanasios Douitsis
 SUMMARY: growfs on concat or stripe???16 Mar 2004
Audrey L. Velasco
Ayaz Anjum
 Summary: Telnet Server port !25 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY: start inetd daemon23 Jan 2004
Barbara Schelkle
 SUMMARY: tcsh behaviour (tab-completion) changes in version tcsh 6.11.0022 Jan 2004
Barry Deevey
 PART SUMMARY: cannot change user password30 Jun 2004
 PART SUMMARY: cannot change user password30 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: /etc/bootparams question28 Feb 2004
Barry Skidmore
 Summary: SBus Card - Drive Compatibility17 Sep 2004
bbb bb
 SUMMARY: [Q] Solaris boot up ignore "#!/bin/ksh" on autostart file ?? ??04 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: [Q] Way to test disks performance?27 Feb 2004
Ben Green
 SUMMARY: Server Management10 Jan 2004
Ben Kim
 [SUMMARY] tip and /var09 Nov 2004
 [SUMMARY]moving ld.config (and changing /var disk)31 Oct 2004
 [SUMMARY] console i/o24 Aug 2004
Ben Rockwood
 SUMMARY: Live Upgrade versus Boot Mirrors19 May 2004
Benoît Audet
 SUMMARY : xntpd exiting on startup with a strange log message...14 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: NIC configuration problem with SunFire V48014 May 2004
 SUMMARY : Sun Blade 100 - input / output problem...01 Apr 2004
Bernhard Sadlowski
 SUMMARY: static port for mountd06 May 2004
Bhavesh Shah
 SUMMARY: Sun StorEDGE 351121 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY: Shell Script Help16 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 Intel issue.09 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY: CPU idle time in Solaris 803 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: Veritas Netbackup on Solaris 826 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: Netras IOWait issue.08 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: A1000 and space21 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: Diff SCSI Controller in Sun Fire 280R28 May 2004
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart fails21 May 2004
 SUMMARY: E 4500 Hardware Failure23 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: Find to exclude dirs/subdirs13 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: NFS Security in Solaris 808 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: E 4500 Panic21 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: File solaris 8 after mv twice30 Jan 2004
Bill R. Williams
 SUMMARY: IP Address Alias30 Jan 2004
Bill Teeple
 SUMMARY: CRON issue and time zoning20 May 2004
Bob Barkhymer
 SUMMARY: Recovering files from lost+found directory10 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY: CDE Session freezes while exiting18 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: Bad Superblock08 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: Post Diag keeps looping02 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: Server boots up without login prompt27 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY: editing sys.dtwmrc does not change root06 Feb 2004
Bob Cregan
 SUMMARY - nisplus slave server and rsh29 Jun 2004
Bob Rice
 SUMMARY: Replacement cooler for SunPCI II13 May 2004
Bolay, Vincent
 SUMMARY: ssh replacement for ctelnet11 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: SDLT320 tape full04 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: Slave DHCP11 Feb 2004
Bonfieti Junior, Angelo
 SUMMARY: "SHOULDNT_HAPPEN" on messages24 Aug 2004
Bousquet Francois
 SUMMARY: Using SunVTS on Solaris 7 11/9919 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: syslog filter howto ?10 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: Library link in Solaris13 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: Listing package files09 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY 2: Can't see a directory...20 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: Can't see a directory...20 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: How to see A1000 config16 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: Problem starting CDE (dtlogin remotely)16 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: More ESTABLISHED connection than Apache child process07 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY : Solaris release ?22 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: Lots of TIME_WAIT connection06 Jul 2004
Brad Heck
 Summary: Veritas 3.5 and Guides12 Feb 2004
Bradley Alan
 SUMMARY: OT: Setup Sendmail to connect to a smart relay host on a port oth er than 2523 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: Possible to get OBP entries i.e. printenv without reboot ing22 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: Metainit problem - raw device for one disk is missing09 Feb 2004
Brent Bailey
 SUMMARY: Solaris 9 & LVM problem29 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: sunfire v880 console problems07 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY: DiskSuite on Solaris 929 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: how to do stop-a from the service console or SC20 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: howto mount a cdrom in solaris19 May 2004
 SUMMARY - where to find Solstice Disksuite on Sol 8 disks19 May 2004
 SUMMARY -- vipw problems20 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY -- route & installing patches17 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY -- hardening sol918 Feb 2004
Brent Howard
 SUMMARY: please help - Cannot get beyond ARP/RARP - please help25 Feb 2004
Brett Lymn
 [SUMMARY] rotating squid logs using logadm16 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: Operating Environment Installation CD February 200021 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: A1000 battery question03 Mar 2004
Brian C. Hill
 SUMMARY: sunmanagers posting about an EXB-21002 Mar 2004
Brian Lucas
 SUMMARY: Mirror/removal question29 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: pkginfo file is corrupt or missing03 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: RE: Single-user mode metastat05 Jan 2004
Broun, Bevan
 SUMMARY: console unusable and break-doesnt-halt problem10 May 2004
 SUMMARY: packages to turn a minimal solaris to a development box.16 Feb 2004
Bruce Kirkland
 Re: [SUMMARY] editing path_to_inst21 Oct 2004
Bruce Purcell
 SUMMARY: 3270 emulator19 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: SED question18 Feb 2004
Bruntel, Mitchell L, ALABS
 SUMMARY WAS: OT? Philosophical Question on SA responsibilities30 Jan 2004
Bryan Guest, BMI Internet
 SUMMARY:Solaris 9 stock sendmail problem17 Mar 2004
 Summary: Is this disk dead?18 Feb 2004
Bryan Pepin
 SUMMARY: Deleting Millions of Files26 Jan 2004
Burtenshaw, Craig
 SUMMARY: proc directory.28 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY: UPDATE: Command to find available ethernet devices.14 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: Command to find available ethernet devices.14 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: V880 and SAN hanging issue.30 Mar 2004
Bélair, Benoît
 SUMMARY: Sun Fire V440 disk read/write errors11 Feb 2004
Callan, Chris
 SUMMARY: TCP Window Size20 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: Hyperterm to Sunfire 280R29 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart Config29 Mar 2004
Carl Ma
 summary:JNI card with E350011 Mar 2004
Carlos Sevillano
 SUMMARY: SA Wish list for Solaris 807 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY: pkgadd for operators (non-root users)07 Nov 2004
 Fwd: SUMMARY: pkgadd for operators (non-root users)03 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY: void main(int argc, char *argv[]) question14 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: X11 Forwarding with OpenSSH13 Apr 2004
Charles Gagnon
 SUMMARY: Solaris x86 Jumpstart18 Feb 2004
Chatfield, Randy
 SUMMARY: File Transfer Problem - Solaris 5.9 to Digital UNIX 5.1B07 Jul 2004
Chip Paswater
 SUMMARY: fetching the emulex WWN (IEEE) address22 Jun 2004
Chris Cameron
 SUMMARY: Restored from tape - Now not booting19 Jan 2004
chris dantos
 SUMMARY:Automount failure following power loss13 May 2004
Chris Garaffa
 [SUMMARY] E250 poweron with no keyswitch08 Feb 2004
Chris Hoogendyk
 [Summary] partitian filling up, cocoon.dat over 500MB14 Jul 2004
 [Summary] puzzle with cold mirror script21 Jun 2004
 [Summary] adding CD drive to Netra T1 - 10511 Jun 2004
 [Summary] java application from PC to Solaris 808 Jun 2004
 [Summary] closing ports kills console19 May 2004
 [Summary] ipfilter on production servers14 May 2004
 SUMMARY: why so many ports open on Solaris28 Apr 2004
 [Summary] SunRay server failure08 Mar 2004
 [SUMMARY] remote restore after boot cdrom04 Mar 2004
 [Summary] saving disksuite info while rebuilding server10 Feb 2004
 [Summary] runaway dtsession errors03 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY: 280R serial port14 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY: df -k reports wrong disc after boot failure24 Feb 2004
Christopher L. Barnard
 SUMMARY: changing the syslog facility for in.ftpd01 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY: NIS/YP partial problem01 Oct 2004
 Summary: running a /var/yp make from a script27 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: 30 partitions on a single disk17 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: Wiping a disk, part II19 May 2004
 SUMMARY: wiping a disk18 May 2004
 SUMMARY: 9 character passwords invalid?08 Apr 2004
 Summary: patch 117000-0129 Mar 2004
Christopher Saul
 Summary: 'Switch off' a cpu within Solaris24 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: exercising a sun07 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: bad patches13 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 UFS logging04 Mar 2004
Chuck Campbell
 SUMMARY: raid on solaris 803 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: solaris 2.6 on an ultra 6020 Jan 2004
Claude Oliver (CJ)
 SUMMARY: Ports on Solaris5.7 (E4500)09 Jan 2004
 Summary: 32/64 bit solaris 803 Feb 2004
Clive McAdam
 [SUMMARY] Secure FTP server recommendations14 Dec 2004
 [SUMMARY]: Serial number from shell ?19 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY: Serial number from shell ?18 Oct 2004
Cohen, Laurence
 RE: SUMMARY: Sed Question14 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY: Sed Question14 Dec 2004
Colin Haffenden
 SUMMARY: UPDATED: Display loaded kernel drivers16 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: Display loaded kernel drivers16 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: Hardening Solaris 8 with Oracle13 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart 64 bit problem20 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: Strange /export/home problem23 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: creating subdirectories with the cp command - is it possible?13 Jul 2004
 Re: SUMMARY: Upgrading to Solaris 8 64bit30 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: Upgrading to Solaris 8 64bit30 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: pkgadd problem29 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY : Files missing from full restore23 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: syslog problem08 Jan 2004
Colin Pearl
 SUMMARY: Moving /usr From Under Root "/" To Its Own Partition07 May 2004
Connolly, Michael
 SUMMARY: problem with cron and sendmail16 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: NIC Issue ???02 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY: how to remove gnome quickly08 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: Update: X server won't start on fresh installed Solaris 920 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: file not found18 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: UPDATE: netscape 7 for solaris 815 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: netscape 7 for solaris 814 Jun 2004
Cox, Vavian
 Re: Summary: Replacement of A1000 RAID battery25 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY: Gefen 4x1 DVI/ADC switcher with USB/DVI SUN workstations..21 Nov 2004
Crist Clark
 SUMMARY: Serial Terminal Changing Parity?13 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY: Route Cache Information21 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: X11-SSH Tunnelling "Update" Problem with NetBackup13 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart from non-Solaris Freezing02 Mar 2004
CS Waibale Simon
 Summary: Sun V240 HW acceptance tests30 Sep 2004
dan cave
 [Summary] Re: tcpwrappers & tftpd01 Oct 2004
 [SUMMARY]: tcpwrappers & tftpd01 Oct 2004
Dan Lorenzini
 SUMMARY: Patch 110943-02 breaks tcsh?07 Feb 2004
Dan O'Callaghan
 SUMMARY: ps and process with path greater than 80 characters24 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: redirecting stdout and stderr in a script28 Jul 2004
 summary: console terminal settings13 May 2004
 summary: UPDATE NTFS access on a Solaris box with samba14 Jun 2004
 summary: problem mounting music cds on Sol 911 Jun 2004
 summary: NTFS access on a Solaris box with samba11 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: Flash Archives bigger than 2gig with jumpstart10 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: Converting terminal session caputure to printable characters03 Feb 2004
Daniel Denes
 [SUMMARY]: SIEBEL anyone?01 Mar 2004
 [SUMMARY] Printing to a file01 Mar 2004
Daniel Teklu
 SUMMARY: RE: df -k(-h) not exiting07 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY..RE: unrecognized option `-KPIC'29 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: RE: nic speed15 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: nic speed15 Mar 2004
 Summary: falrcreate problem14 Apr 2004
Darren Honeyball [ML]
 SUMMARY: Removing a directory segfaults...18 Feb 2004
 Summary: Label many disks?23 Nov 2004
 Summary: Solaris 8 in 32 Bit mode on 480R?09 Nov 2004
DAUBIGNE Sebastien - BOR
 SUMMARY: Sun Storedge L100 slots numbering27 May 2004
 SUMMARY: vmstat "b" : Huge value18 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: I/O error with dd (Solaris 2.5.1)02 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 on sun4u/sun4u1 : 32 or 64 bits19 Jan 2004
Dave Landsiedel
 SUMMARY: Unix, Oracle9iAS Release2 requires a running X Server for ima ge generation needs16 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY: 2.6 hangs on configuring devices11 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY: L25 tape drive error14 Jan 2004
Dave Martini 1
 SUMMARY: Is NIS+ included in Solaris 10??13 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY: Changing NIS domain name30 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY: Printer Administration using printer's IP address11 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY: Trouble connecting to a 3310 Array Using ssconsole21 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: Booting from the root mirror using DiskSuite PLUS FOLLOW UP QUESTION20 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: What's the latest version of Netscape for Solaris?08 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: / file system is full what can I delete?11 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: What is the Software Management Interface to a 3310 Array?18 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: Will NIS+ clients authenticate to an Apple Open Directory Server??10 May 2004
 SUMMARY: Is metatool still part of disksuite?10 May 2004
 SUMMARY: What versions of Solaris will run as LDAP clients?28 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY:Removing a disk from a d2 array07 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: Can Solairs 9 export sub folders??18 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY:deleting a user from passwd table15 Jan 2004
Dave Stern - Former Rocket Scientist
 Summary: define key with return22 Jun 2004
Dave Warchol
 SUMMARY(Updated): Solaris 8: Unmounting a Filesystem Whose Associated Device Has Failed05 May 2004
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8: Unmounting a Filesystem Whose Associated Device Has Failed05 May 2004
 SUMMARY: V440 Perl 25%01 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: Solaris kernel tuning: process threads10 Jun 2004
David Foster
 [SUMMARY] mkisofs for files > 2GB (64 bit binary?)04 Nov 2004
 [SUMMARY] Looking for T patch T110943-0418 Feb 2004
 [SUMMARY] How to update disk firmware on system disk?17 Feb 2004
 [SUMMARY] E420R with very high kernel activity (how to debug)03 Mar 2004
 [NON]SUMMARY Solaris Management Console (SMC) and Java version27 Jan 2004
 [SUMMARY] NFS problems after 5.8 kernel patch 108528-2706 Jan 2004
David M. Arroyo Diaz
 [SUMMARY] Changing password via script21 Jan 2004
David Markowitz
 SUMMARY: Support for multiple mice18 May 2004
David Matinyarare
 SUMMARY: root file system17 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: Unable to log in using "Usr's last Desktop" after a restoration of the /usr slice.13 May 2004
 SUMMARY: Performance problems13 May 2004
 SUMMARY: ufsrestore26 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY:Disk partition22 Apr 2004
David Rieger
 Summary: Console Noise (Serial) drop into {ok}19 Jul 2004
 Summary: sftp failing06 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY : Sun-FireV210 hanging on reboot/boot from OK prompt27 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY : Vertias VM 3.2 reporting a FAILING disk12 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY : Setting up IPMP : Clarification24 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY: "rpcb_set: not started" daemon errors in /var/adm/messages10 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY: Stopping Solaris during boot - key combo?01 Mar 2004
De La Salle, Alex
 SUMMARY: Associating JNI WWN to specific JNI card30 Jun 2004
Debbie Tropiano
 SUMMARY: 3rd party memory in a V88012 May 2004
 SUMMARY: CDE dtlogin - do not log failed login attempts13 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: Suggestions for IDE DVD Writer on SPARC/Solaris (fwd)23 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: NIS and remote (not well connected) client05 Feb 2004
Dell, Mary
 SUMMARY: How to use SNMP to monitor for a panic?28 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY: Apparent flow control problem between Gigaswift cards an d Cisco Catalyst 6500 switch02 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: replacement PCI card not being recognized22 Sep 2004
 Summary: trying to add qlc 2gb fibre HBA, doesn't seem to work28 Sep 2004
Denes, Daniel (BG-IT 51)
 SUMMARY: Replacing A1000 batteries...online22 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: Solstice admuseradd fails15 Sep 2004
Derek Olsen
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart post_install device creation11 Mar 2004
DiNisco, Jeff
 Summary: installing a flash archive19 Feb 2004
Dirk Boenning
 [SUMMARY: E4500 trouble30 Mar 2004
Dirk Maass
 [SUMMARY]: How can we make a multihomed server replying on the same interface24 Sep 2004
Divyaprakash K.C.
 Summary: Canon ImageRunner Installation16 Nov 2004
Dombrowski, Neil
 SUMMARY: high available ssh29 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY: cron problem (bad user)19 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: rdist 6.1.5 problem06 May 2004
 SUMMARY(2): SSH2 & forcing password problem14 Jan 2004
 SUMMARY: SSH2 & forcing password problem13 Jan 2004
 SUMMARYRe: Problems with my monitor in Solaris 9 x8606 May 2004
Donovan, Jeffrey (Jeff), ALABS vs openssh scp cron SUMMARY10 Aug 2004
 Summary: Solaris 8 Languages CD16 Jun 2004
 Wierd ls question SUMMARY04 May 2004
 RE: Summary SSH with Sun Cluster17 Mar 2004
 Summary: Testing for su verses remote login05 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY: directory server06 May 2004
 SUMMARY: Recommended patch clusters in single user10 Aug 2004
Ed Lawson
 SUMMARY: optdload problem13 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: Rediscover disk size and geometry.31 Aug 2004
 Summary -- locking accounts after 3 unsuccessful login attempts23 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: shell script help20 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: how to log failed ftp login attempts?08 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: Need log scanner in pkgadd format04 Mar 2004
Eivind Nordbye
 SUMMARY: scstat -i is hanging08 Sep 2004
Elaine .
 SUMMARY:disksuite query30 Aug 2004
 cdrom summary20 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY:rcp logging09 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY:rcp copying03 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY:Sun Fires06 Feb 2004
Emmanuel Tzingakis
 SUMMARY: Strange cron behavoir19 Feb 2004
Eric Falen
 Summary- looking for Netscape 7.2 for Solaris02 Nov 2004
Eric Noriega
 SUMMARY: Netra X1, DHCP jumpstart install30 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: problem w/ dhcp, pntadm error message23 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY: Unk error code from patch install17 Feb 2004
Eric Paul
 SUMMARY: sar not working in Solaris 9 on V880 or V24014 Apr 2004
 UPDATE: SUMMARY: High IO problem after installing 8_Recommended29 Mar 2004
 RE: SUMMARY: High IO problem after installing 8_Recommended11 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: Garbage on the Serial Console29 Jan 2004
Eric Seale
 SUMMARY: patchdiag.xref08 Oct 2004
Eric Sisson
 SUMMARY: Ultra 10 will not recognize new NIC29 Nov 2004
Eric Voisard
 SUMMARY: post-boot frame buffer init.31 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: tar -rf /dev/rmt/0 => I/O error13 Feb 2004
Eric Williams
 SUMMARY: Automount won't automount. Troubleshooting recommendations requested.09 Sep 2004
ert weerr
 SUMMARY: Hard drive swap out in an Ultra 10?29 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY: RAM-Copy failure?06 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY: Mirroring swap?16 Aug 2004
Erwin Broschinski
 SUMMARY: Storedge 3310 configuration problems18 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: Boot disk?05 Jul 2004
Eugene Schmidt
 Summary: Sol8 and EVA hangs02 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY: Check patch correction on lbolt05 Mar 2004
 Summary: IO-Wait of 99% - how to diagnose23 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY: csh and arrow keys on Solaris 929 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: Authenticating users against OpenLDAP on Solaris 8 with PAM15 Apr 2004
Feng Chin Sian
 SUMMARY: pipe under csh kicks a segmentation fault20 Sep 2004
Fergus McMenemie
 SUMMARY: Single User Mode login to SunfireV120 with Solaris 8 fails12 Feb 2004
Fergus Wilde
 SUMMARY - Problems installing openssl 0.9.7d - help please23 Mar 2004
Fiengo, Paul (Contractor)
 Summary: Boot Error16 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY: Extracting Single File from Tarball02 Jun 2004
Figaro, Nicolas
 SUMMARYirus for smtp solaris07 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY : Antispam server : any advice ??27 Jan 2004
Filipe Litaiff
 [Summary]: Installing locale packages?06 Dec 2004
 [Summary]: SSH With Password Aging02 Dec 2004
 [Summary] [OFF TOPIC] SSH: cannot log in anywhere, even to localhost30 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY: Resuming tar restore19 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: Cheap Thrills: an E4500 doesn´t respond18 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: E10000 boot disk - failing to boot it on a E42008 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: E10000 boot disk booting on a E420 - long & interesting26 Feb 2004
Frank Cheong
 Re: SUMMARY backup "Device busy"22 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY ADD Could not set Link-Speed and Mode09 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY Could not set Link-Speed and Mode07 Jul 2004
Galen Johnson
 [Summary] packages06 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY_2: Cannot delete a file called "-c"25 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: Cannot delete a file called "-c"25 Mar 2004
Gary Chambers
 [SUMMARY] iSCSI29 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY: Solaris Volume Manager (SVM) Performance, Soft Partitions22 Jan 2004
 SUMMARY: IP Multipathing, Sun Cluster 3.116 Jan 2004
 SUMMARY: Sun StorEdge PCI Dual Ultra3 SCSI HBA14 Jan 2004
 SUMMARY: Sun Cluster 3.1 1000Base-T (bge) Install06 Jan 2004
Gary Lopez
 Summary: Sun keyboard question08 Sep 2004
 Summary: Mirror question20 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: NIS issues22 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY - Graphics card06 May 2004
 Summary: rcp question16 Apr 2004
Gary P Carr
 SUMMARY: Monitor tcp traffic on a port09 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: Location of packages (where do I find...)24 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: Measuring/benchmarking I/O performance - what tools?26 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY:DNS outside firewall20 Sep 2004
 summary: su06 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY:Best web based email interface07 Jun 2004
Geoff Lane
 SUMMARY: V240 CDROM drive hot swapable?12 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY: LDAP passwords not working / sol 915 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: Sol9 / LDAP / importing user info13 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: solaris patch management13 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: Dell GX260 / x86 Sol 9 / NIC very slow02 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: 3510 / JNI / V480 / Sol905 May 2004
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart running very slowly15 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: /net and automountd problems10 Feb 2004
Geon Reuben
 MOTD issue - Summary16 Dec 2004
 Summary: Re: # of cpus29 Nov 2004
 Summary: Inetd service - rpc.smserverd26 Nov 2004
George Kahler
 SUMMARY - Re: moving DiskSuite mirrored system from 250 to 22021 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY: Upgrading Sol8 (core) to Sol8 (core) 64bit24 Aug 2004
George Monappallil
 Summary: Mount issue22 Nov 2004
Gerard Henry
 SUMMARY: how to increase file transfer speed?25 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: question about sun mozilla?18 May 2004
 SUMMARY: strange disk capacity on blade10022 Apr 2004
 [SUMMARY]: rdesktop: how to print on unix network printer?30 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: about compiling kile software09 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: questions about nfs and netgroup20 Jan 2004
 SUMMARY: jetadmin and changing ip printer's12 Jan 2004
Gilliam, Kirk R.
 SUMMARY Swap Configuration for New V44022 Jan 2004
gillian bennett
 SUMMARY: problems with solaris 9 x8624 Feb 2004
Glenn, May (GE Commercial Finance, NonGE)
 SUMMARY: Dual Head on SB100004 Mar 2004
Gorwadkar, Mangesh (Cognizant)
 SUMMARY: netbackup 4.504 Aug 2004
Gosselin, Mark
 Summary: simple (?) script help03 Mar 2004
 Summary: Ftp'ing large files12 Feb 2004
Grant Lowe
 SUMMARY: cloning boot drive10 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY: A5000 disk array failed disk27 Oct 2004
Greg Kaloutsis
 SUMMARY: Sendmail Multiple recipients queue behaviour host lookups01 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: metaset: venus: metad device info: RPC: Can't decode result07 Nov 2004
Grzegorz Bakalarski
 SUMMARY: V880 crashes11 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY: Solaris + USB 2.0 IDE disk + NTFS = problems ?15 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: third party fast ethernet card21 May 2004
 SUMMARY: [V880 Solaris 9 ) prtdiag problem01 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: V440 & larger disks03 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY: pfil/ipfilter problem02 Mar 2004
Grzegorz Nowakowski
 SUMMARY: Generating status message from RM6.26 Apr 2004
Gurugunti, Mahesh
 SUMMARY: Recommended Patch cluster backout15 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: Backround process dies11 Feb 2004
Gwendolynn ferch Elydyr
 SUMMARY: Re: Solaris x86 & VPC07 Jul 2004
Gérard Henry
 SUMMARY: unable to read a tape02 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY: ufsdump breaks nfs server02 Dec 2004
 [SUMMARY]: can't send break in tip23 Sep 2004
Hackett, Peter
 SUMMARY: Modifying SAR Output07 Oct 2004
Hamidi MBT
 SUMMARY: sunscreen on solaris9?19 Nov 2004
Harald Husemann
 Summary: Problem with LVM: Both submirrors "need maintenance"16 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: E420 doesn' boot any more11 May 2004
 SUMMARY: ssh doesn't care about password aging28 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: Problem building a PERL-Module22 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: Inherit ssh X-tunnel with su30 Jan 2004
 [SUMMARY]: SUN ONE LDAP 5.2 and SUN Cluster 3.120 Jan 2004
Hardy, Andrew
 SUMMARY: Help required writing a case statement15 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: unable to use tape drive as any other user than root15 Jan 2004
Harrington, David B (Contractor) (DSCR)
 SUMMARY: Sudden problem with shared user accounts05 Oct 2004
Harry Hoffman
 SUMMARY: Solaris 9 RAID 1+024 Aug 2004
Hays, Jonathan
 SUMMARY: Sparc 20 - Solaris 8 - password recovery07 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: Sparc 20 - Solaris 8 - password recovery07 Jul 2004
Hegedus, Matthew S
 RE: Summary: Help needed in compiling vim 6.3 with gcc 3.4.1 on Solaris 820 Sep 2004
Herr Josef Virek
 SUMMARY: find -local (how to not tumble down the NFS rabbit hole)15 Jul 2004
himanshu khona
 Summary: volumes migration from veritas to solaris volume manager05 Feb 2004
 Summary: update: X11 forwarding for SSH22 Jan 2004
Hirchert, Dale L
 SUMMARY: email account disable warning15 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: L25 causing system to hang14 Jan 2004
Hirdejit Singh
 SUMMARY: NO display on V48026 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY: Problem in Recovery with Networker10 Sep 2004
Hong Wang
 summary --- http crontab20 Jan 2004
 SUMMARY: HP Ultrium 2 (LTO-2) st.conf entry?21 Jun 2004
Iain Drummond
 SUMMARY: Sun Fire V440 disk read/write errors11 Feb 2004
Iain Miller
 SUMMARY Flash Archive Problem08 Oct 2004
 Summary: Booting from DVD30 Jul 2004
Inderpal Singh BAWA
 Summary: Need to restrict NFS using Netgroup14 Jul 2004
Ing. Angel Alejandro Vega Soto
 SUMMARY: Sunfire V480 ,Solaris 9 VxVm 3.5 and X672710 Sep 2004
Ivan Fetch
 Summary: Install Solaris 9 X86 Via Serial Port?24 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: vxdmp question19 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY: Cloning operating systems to different machine types.28 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: CONSOLE setting in /etc/default/login file17 Feb 2004
J. Alexander Jacocks
 SUMMARY: Enterprise 4500 Claims to be E400016 Jul 2004
Jacob Lerner
 SUMMARY: server-side ftp autorization delays30 May 2004
Jacob Ritorto
 SUMMARY: sunray srss 3.0 on solaris 10 x86 janus21 Oct 2004
Jacques Beigbeder
 [Summary] a clone panics on vfs_mountroot31 Dec 2004
 Summary: KDE from Jun 2004
Jacques-D. Piguet
 SUMMARY: How to test a byte in a bin file16 Jun 2004
Jain, Rajeev
 SUMMARY: How to search in bash history30 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: memtool and oracle 9.216 Feb 2004
Jamie Garofalo
 SUMMARY: DiskSuite: Inappropriate ioctl for device22 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: Subversion server help04 May 2004
Jan De Luyck
 SUMMARY: Disable onboard hme0 on ultra520 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY - WARNING: uncorrectable error from pci0 on ultra521 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY -- Jumpstart solaris 2.6 NFS timeouts05 Jul 2004
 Unsolved - SUMMARY : OpenSSH on Solaris slow20 Jan 2004
Jane Rams
 SUMMARY: Sendmail Issue - dead.letter contents processing25 Aug 2004
 Summary: Best practices - user accounts setup and administering on 800 systems18 Aug 2004
Jason Bufford
 Summary: Remote login vs NIS+/NFS20 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: A1000 Possibly Dead?07 Jul 2004
 [Summary] Diagnosis fun...25 Feb 2004
Jeff Germain
 Pre-SUMMARY: IBM SAN, HBA, Multipathing & Volume Mgmt15 Jul 2004
Jeff Horwitz
 SUMMARY: how to clear a stale soft partition04 May 2004
Jeff Wasilko
 SUMMARY ldapclient server failover?10 Feb 2004
Jeff Woolsey
 SUMMARY: SLVM broken, it seems17 Nov 2004
Jeremy Jin _at_ Nucleus
 SUMMARY: NIS+ client of Solaris 919 Feb 2004
Jerry B. Altzman
 SUMMARY FOR: 2-post rackmount kits for v210s11 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY: burning disk 1 of solaris 9 090426 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: E4500 mystery crash12 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: multiple CD-ROMs05 Feb 2004
Jiang Wu
 SUMMARY: How could root be able to write normal users' files on a nis client26 Sep 2004
Jim Dirstein
 SUMMARY: RE: SunFire 280r: PS Device warnings08 Mar 2004
Jim Seymour
 [SUMMARY] Dump or restore dropping/missing files?19 Dec 2004
Jim Winkle
 SUMMARY: X windows with Solaris and Mac OS X through ssh19 Jul 2004
 NO SUMMARY: X windows with Solaris and Mac OS X through ssh15 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: Used pkgadd instead of patchadd17 Feb 2004
Jochen Laubrock
 SUMMARY: recommended LDAP server06 Feb 2004
Joe Philip
 Summary: solaris password settings28 Apr 2004
 Summary:Connecting two Exabyte tape libraries to SunFire v44002 Jul 2004
 Summary: installing vnc on Solaris828 May 2004
 Summary: root mirroring using SDS 4.2.116 Mar 2004
 Summary: migrating from E4000 to v44019 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: OT: ssh wrapper?14 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY: A quick bit of SVM help13 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: hostids on F15K16 Apr 2004
Johan A.
 Summary: Long login time on Solaris 9 x8606 Aug 2004
 Summary: Open Sun Fire 280R23 Jun 2004
 Close ports (a kind of summary)18 May 2004
 Problems with A1000 - Summary17 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY/Solution - Problems connecting A-1000 to Netra T1/10506 Jan 2004
 SUMMARY: DLT4700 on Solaris921 Jan 2004
John Christian
 SUMMARY: metadevice naming scheme29 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY: Solaris login based on Windows Domain?15 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: How to manually sys-unconfig when single-user mode not an option?11 Aug 2004
john corcoran
 Summary :: Need advice on Solaris 924 Oct 2004
John Dunn
 SUMMARY: rdate sets wrong time20 Sep 2004
 [SUMMARY] How to install samba?14 Jan 2004
John Elser
 SUMMARY - Upgrading software versions with pkgadd08 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: Nic Card Problems?09 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: Boot Problem with RAID subsystem27 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: Printing HTML22 Mar 2004
John Entwistle
 Summary: Grep question16 Dec 2004
 [SUMMARY] USB 2.0 Card for SUN Ultra 508 Nov 2004
 [SUMMARY] : Hard-Drive visible to probe-scsi-all but not to forma t22 Jun 2004
 [SUMMARY] Problem after Changing IP Address10 Mar 2004
Johnson, Chad
 SUMMARY: Hitachi SAN throughput Assistance - slight corrections07 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: Hitachi SAN throughput Assistance07 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: Automatic installation of packages / drivers12 Apr 2004
 Summary: Booting off of an a520029 Jan 2004
Johnston, Colby
 Summary: sar incompatibility23 Jan 2004
Jon Godfrey
 SUMMARY: Differential Terminators: HVD or LVD?11 Feb 2004
Jon Hudson
 SUMMARY: 6800 SC0 issue...30 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY-REDUX: User not showing up.....16 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: user not showing up....16 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: Re: UG! Really dumb but very serious problem....04 Jun 2004
Jonas Olsson
 SUMMARY: Solaris 9 12/03: Problem initializing NFS over UDP11 Mar 2004
Jonathan Burelbach
 SUMMARY: adding CD on v24016 Nov 2004
Joohyun Cha
 SUMMARY: IP address changed.02 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY: V880 WWN problem08 Jul 2004
Jordi Renye/FIB/UPC
 SUMMARY : providing more user space09 Feb 2004
Jordi Vidal
 SUMMARY: metareplace -e (scsi vs disk errors)21 Jan 2004
 SUMMARY: System booting after fatal error FATAL16 Jan 2004
 SUMMARY: Update: system vs user CPU usage30 Jan 2004
 Summary: X-windows24 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY:- Performance Issue with Sun Blade 100.01 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY: Is incremental ufsdump to disk possible?20 Nov 2004
Juan Antonio
 SUMMARY: System booting after fatal error FATAL15 Jul 2004
Julian Grunnell
 Solaris GUI login SUMMARY08 Jul 2004
 Solaris GUI login SUMMARY ... SUMMARY! (keyboard sends break signal)09 Jul 2004
Julie Xu
 SUMMARY: problem with Netra X1 booting15 Jun 2004
Jun Zhu
 summary:netgroup17 Nov 2004
 summary: read tape block04 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY: Disk to Tape Virtualization devices11 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: sendmail on solaris 9 woes29 Jan 2004
 SUMMARY: read-only NFS02 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY: bugid search10 Sep 2004
Kanellopoulos, Angelos
 SUMMARY FW: restricted shell23 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY :restricted shell23 Dec 2004
Kelly Ormsby
 SUMMARY: L40 Tape Library04 Jun 2004
Ken Huang
 (SUMMARY): How to do un-mirrored disk replacement without loss of data?29 Jan 2004
 SUMMARY: Boot Problem Ultra - 207 Jul 2004
Kenneth Modrego
 SUMMARY: IPMP Questions15 Oct 2004
Kev Ford
 SUMMARY: Sun hardware heat output reference21 Jun 2004
Kevin A. Sindhu
 SUMMARY: D1000 isp0 errors29 May 2004
 SUMMARY: Faulty CPU? ([AFT1] EDP event on CPU8 Instruction access)28 May 2004
 SUMMARY: e250 Memory errors05 Feb 2004
Kevin Buterbaugh
 SUMMARY: Sendmail won't send mail...07 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY: probe-scsi-all sees LUNs but Solaris doesn't and no it's07 Dec 2004
Kevin C McCarty
 Solaris 9 Media SUMMARY23 Feb 2004
Kevin Counts
 SUMMARY: Help troubleshooting bare-metal restore procedure.01 Mar 2004
Kevin Davidson
 SUMMARY: V100 remote install problems18 Feb 2004
Kirtan Dave
 [Summary]: Sudo for SunOS12 Mar 2004
Klaus Heinz
 SUMMARY: German keyboard layout won't work with Sol9 Xsun02 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY: Solaris 10 for AMD64?23 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY: Username aliasing29 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: Compiling error for net-snmp03 Jun 2004
Kris Hogg
 Summary V1280 Bad Trap error12 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY : Sum in Script20 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY : need 2 million inodes06 May 2004
 SUMMARY : New routing table - Solaris04 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY : stripe size of SE351008 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY : How To Setting Printer Server SUN V88021 Jan 2004
 SUMMARY : E4500 connection to Brocade29 Jan 2004
 Summary: CDE logout problem08 Jul 2004
 Summary: help! picld error - is it a hardware issue?16 Jun 2004
 summary: permissions keep changing for /usr/j2se/jre/lib/s09 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: e450 failure16 Mar 2004
Kumar Guhan
 SUMMARY: solaris 9 upgrade tips07 May 2004
Kwan, William
 SUMMARY: Syslog not sending to remote host05 Feb 2004
Kynaston Roger
 SUMMARY: managing an L9 autoloader without Networker or Veritas N et Backup02 Feb 2004
LAI Yiu Fai
 SUMMARY: V440 or V480 for large email server?09 Nov 2004
Lance Tost
 SUMMARY: MemTool on a SunFire 480012 Apr 2004
Lars Hecking
 SUMMARY: Ultra 60 and TFT27 Apr 2004
 Not a SUMMARY: RSC 2.2?12 Mar 2004
Laurence Moughan
 SUMMARY - ufsdump incr of loopback filesystem ?11 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY: - solaris 8 , openSSH and Xforward issues04 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY metasets on shared 3310's - any storage gurus out there ?03 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY -script question - passing variable to ufsdump29 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY2 -script question - passing variable to ufsdump29 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY - issues with2 cross connected 3310 scsi array to 2 V240's13 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: opensource loadbalance21 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY - : -Freeware HA software for solaris 815 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY - Raid Logs14 Jun 2004
Lauri Bettencourt
 SUMMARY: Static Routes05 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: Static Route Setup04 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: Disk Suite Issue23 Jan 2004
Lebar, Russell J
 RE: SUMMARY: V480 and Qlogic Loop offline/online question01 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY: V480 and Qlogic Loop offline/online question29 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: UFS logging (JFS) option11 May 2004
Leiv Jarle Larsen
 SUMMARY : FlexLM-server running Windows10 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY: fsck, corrupt lost+found29 Apr 2004
 Summary: pwconv under NIS23 Feb 2004
Leopoldo Cacace
 [SUMMARY] Tunable Kernel params not loading29 Oct 2004
Levi Ashcol
 [SUMMARY-II] VxVM Volume/UFS overhead28 Oct 2004
 [SUMMARY] VxVM Volume/UFS overhead26 Oct 2004
Lewars, Mitchell (EM, PTL)
 SUMMARY: Moving E4500 OS Disk Into D1000 ! HELP!29 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 Patch Breaks Commercial SSH ?28 Apr 2004
Lisa Weihl
 SUMMARY: core dump with vi and java01 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY:sun fire v240 possible graphics console19 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY - mangled disk error - puzzled05 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY - Veritas VM 3.5 2nd disk encapsulation problem03 Nov 2004
 Summary: MagniComp Sysinfo from the cron!27 Jul 2004
 Summary: opensshd - PRNG is not seeded - Patch 112438 doesn't install properly22 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: Broadcast address on Solaris mysteriously changes.20 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: RE: I used fsirand on the root filesystem.... :(18 May 2004
Lonnie Randall Webb
 Summary : New V490's 890's08 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY: Obtaining WWN information22 Jan 2004
Loris Serena
 SUMMARY: How to take a CDE GUI screenshot in Solaris 906 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY: telnet in script.30 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: capture output of `ssh -V`to a variable20 Jul 2004
Lott, Robert T
 SUMMARY: BAD trap problem on SunBlade/Sol822 Jul 2004
Loukinas, Jeremy
 Summary:DNS Cache. Can it be cleared?09 Jul 2004
 Summary: Terrible network performance between two machines on sam e network29 Jun 2004
 Summary:Need VVM Media 3.0.3-3.0.4?15 Mar 2004
 Summary: TACACS on Solaris10 Mar 2004
 Summary: Sun picture website..?11 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: Netra T1 firmware password help06 Jan 2004
 Summary: SUDO question05 Feb 2004
 Summary: SVM and Veritas on the same system.29 Jan 2004
m i
 Summary how to setup dns16 Jun 2004
 Summary Where can I get /usr/ccs/bin/ld ?24 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: possible to recover "bad" tapes?01 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: replace component on last running submirror error - Disk Suite02 Jun 2004
Maddox, Andrew
 SUMMARY: Configuring central syslog server15 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: Added CPUs to V48002 Sep 2004
 Summary -- Emulex LP9802DC cards, failover, etc.12 Nov 2004
 Partial Summary/Update on Multipathing w/ dual Lightpulse LP9802DC02 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY: Solaris Hardening Tool06 May 2004
 SUMMARY: Solaris Hardening Tool06 May 2004
 SUMMARY:Sendmail Conf query11 Feb 2004
Marcelino Mata
 SUMMARY: kernel panics (BAD TRAP)22 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY : RE: RAM usage30 Apr 2004
 Summary : 4GB RAM on Blade100021 Apr 2004
Marco Greene (Home)
 SUMMARY: find cannot open /: I/O Error15 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: Using AIT-2 after booting from CD10 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: OOPS...AIT2 errors11 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: A1000 Weekly messages21 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: FIN I0809-108 Mar 2004
 Summary: A Raid manager 6.22.1 issue with Solaris 2.6 on E300008 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: (Late-OOPS) Recovering Solaris/Intel with NetBackup 4.508 Jan 2004
 SUMMARY: (Late) Recovering Solaris/Intel with NetBackup 4.508 Jan 2004
Marco Greene (ML)
 SUMMARY: Freeware VPN Options21 Dec 2004
Marco Ilea
 Summary: How to determine the Block Size17 Mar 2004
Mark A. Bialik
 SUMMARY: Volume Management (SVM) with SMC 3.519 Jan 2004
Mark Andrews
 SUMMARY: Performance issues with SunFire V480Rs in a veritas cluster12 Feb 2004
Mark Scheufele
 SUMMARY: jumpstarting v21019 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: alom console question19 Mar 2004
 Summary - problems jumpstarting a new v24022 Jan 2004
 [SUMMARY] Adding memory to a V24015 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY - Adding hot-swap disks to a V24011 Nov 2004
Markus Schlup
 SUMMARY: system panic after installation09 Jul 2004
Martin Hepworth
 SUMMARY: SUNOS 4.1.3/4 and daylight savings in Europe/UK27 Oct 2004
Martin Thorpe
 SUMMARY: V440 small DATABASE SERVER11 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: SAN Implementation10 May 2004
 SUMMARY: Performance Poll02 Mar 2004
Martynas Buozis
 SUMMARY: What is __sincos ?29 Nov 2004
Matinyarare, David
 SUMMARY:Cannot reboot/boot a Solaris9 machine23 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY: bge 10mbps trouble10 May 2004
 SUMMARY: Gotchas for Patch Cluster on Sun Cluster?21 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY: A1000 & Solaris 9, slow / long boot time08 Jan 2004
McEwan, Ryan
 SUMMARY: Weird NFS performance problems on solaris 8 and netapp29 Sep 2004
 Summary: CPU swap question18 May 2004
McIntosh Alan-R54071
 SUMMARY: NIS map transfer problems08 Apr 2004
McKinlay, Ken
 SUMMARY: Limiting IP addresses in chroot environment31 May 2004
 SUMMARY: /var/tmp23 Mar 2004
Meder Kydyraliev
 SUMMARY: Sun Ray 1 DHCP problem07 Jul 2004
Meg Wall
 Summary: Live Upgrade to Solaris 9 - repartitioning15 Aug 2004
Melissa Young
 SUMMARY 1: Partition a big disk under Solaris 9?21 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: "crontab -e" returns "711" error16 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: /opt/chroot has NOT been ufsdumped09 Jan 2004
 SUMMARY: Is Sendmail needed? How to configure mailx? MUA & MTA26 Jan 2004
Michael DeSimone
 SUMMARY: UPDATE: Bizzare date issue, time out of sequence15 Mar 2004
 Summary: 420 Memory Configuration20 Jan 2004
Michael Gleibman
 SUMMARY: SunOS 4.1.4 and Sparcstation 5 compatible external CD-ROM drive10 Feb 2004
Michael Jeffries (M)
 SUMMARY: RSH Problem " Permission Denied"20 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY : Problem installing Solaris on Netra v10024 Jan 2004
Michael Mac
 RE: "SUMMARY : CPU Performance"23 Jun 2004
 "SUMMARY : CPU Performance"15 Jun 2004
Michael S. Peek
 SUMMARY: [Q]: Limit on number of NFS exports?29 Sep 2004
Michael Tewner
 SUMMARY: Solaris Patching17 Jun 2004
Mike Bennett
 SUMMARY - DIMM SERIAL NUMBER - What size is it13 Aug 2004
Mike Carter
 Summary: SUN re-licensing policy18 Jun 2004
Mike Ekholm
 SUMMARY: V44005 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: Solaris thumbdrive support22 Jan 2004
Mike Fletcher
 SUMMARY: PCI SCSI Adapter for Sun E-4530 Nov 2004
Mike Wangu
 SUMMARY: V440 FlashArchive jumpstarting E25027 Feb 2004
Mike's List
 SUMMARY: HP and CDROM issues13 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: sshd in /etc/inetd.conf07 May 2004
 SUMMARY: mailing list management16 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: OpenPKG problem15 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: Weird log after Recommended patch23 Jan 2004
 SUMMARY: short script to cat filename21 Jan 2004
Miller Alan
 SUMMARY 2: detecting a DVD drive02 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: detecting a DVD drive02 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: SPARC III vx SPARC IV Benchmarks18 Jun 2004
Miller, Tony, VF DCS
 SUMMARY: DEC-423/MMJ adapter to serial consolemanagement port on SUN-V440 - adapter required27 Aug 2004
Miriam von Zuben
 SUMMARY: Big disk in Ultra 529 Nov 2004
Mohamed Lrhazi
 SUMMARY: Re: Panic... Couldn't load stub module sched/TS_DPTBL07 Jun 2004
Mohammed Sajid
 SUMMARY: JNI card connectivity with IBM ESS07 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY: where to set Sol9 to truecolor20 Aug 2004
Morgan, Ken L [ITS]
 SUMMARY FTP question, Solaris810 Feb 2004
 Summary ndd tunables14 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY: Solaris equivalent for slibclean and dump -Hv ?29 Oct 2004
Mr Rene Occelli
 SUMMARY E4000_Board_Failure23 Mar 2004
Mt Dew
 Summary: edit files in Single user mode05 Jan 2004
Muhammad Talha
 SUMMARY:Sharing Tape Drive with NFS18 Aug 2004
N. Z.
 SUMMARY: Issues w/ veritas on solaris 9.15 Mar 2004
Nathan Bardsley
 SUMMARY: permission denied changing passwd (no NIS)27 Oct 2004
Neeraj Kumar Rohliyan
 Summary: Time/Date problem in Netscape 4.15 Messaging server17 Sep 2004
Neil Martin
 SUMMARY: rm6.2209 Jul 2004
Neil Quiogue
 SUMMARY: StorEdge T3 and V20z17 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY: High IO: After 8_Recommended14 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: Help Regarding Veritas22 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: What's the point of switches in Arbitrated Loop?29 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY: E450 blown fuse?04 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: Calculating power and AC requirements for a server room18 May 2004
 Summary: Get SUN S/N on Solaris26 Jan 2004
Ng Y. [DH]
 SUMMARY: RE: 4 Gb extra memory not recognised03 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: Sun Blade 1500 bge interface configuration23 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: error message after issueing yppasswd03 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: No space left on device05 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY25 Oct 2004
Nick Pettefar
 SUMMARY: Solaris Downgrade Upgrade02 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY: chown25 Nov 2004
 Summary - E450 Worrying Message - Part 2.17 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY - E450 Worrying Message17 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY: QFS RAID5 Probs.12 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY: Large SCSI drives on an E450?23 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY: V240 with 146GB U320 drives?17 Mar 2004
 Summary: Sun Blade 1500s bge /etc/system settings22 Jan 2004
Nicolas Dorfsman
 SUMMARY: NFS automount on Aix 4.3.301 Dec 2004
Nicole Skyrca
 Summary: Sun 220R and IBM ESS (shark) array09 Nov 2004
Nina Murty
 Summary: Help for formatting using scripting31 May 2004
 SUMMARY: HP webadmin11 Feb 2004
Olaf Hopp
 [SUMMARY] How to get CPU load via SNMP under Solaris 8 ?07 Oct 2004
 [SUMMARY] RAM for E450 and E250 - are they compatible ?22 Jan 2004
Omyma Mahmoud Abelhafeez
 RE: SUMMARY: sar not working in Solaris 9 on V880 or V24015 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY : Mirroring Question06 May 2004
 Summary: Solstice Backup21 Sep 2004
Osvaldo C. Santana
 ENC: SUMMARY: How many open files do we currently have26 Feb 2004
Pablo Jejcic
 Summary: Re: Installing Gnome and KDE using Jumpstart?03 Aug 2004
 Summary - Novell LDAP + Solaris22 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY - NIS/Automountd16 Jul 2004
Pablo Salazar
 SUMMARY: disabling keyboard suspend/shutdown.14 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: CPU speed???15 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: Starting Xserver without monitor28 Jan 2004
 [NON]SUMMARY Solaris Management Console (SMC) and Java version15 Jun 2004
Paramasivam, Meenakshisundaram
 [SUMMARY] SCSI-IDE Ultra1007 Apr 2004
Pascal Grostabussiat
 SUMMARY: Veritas I/O Fencing and Sun StorEdge 3510-FC24 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY: V440 rebooted unexpectedly !?16 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY: in.tftpd in standalone mode (SunOS5.9) ?20 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: SF4800/D240/boot ... disk not found ??07 May 2004
 SUMMARY: 3510FC: LUN does not show up on host18 May 2004
 SUMMARY: link speed on a V21031 Aug 2004
 (Summary) removing 1 of 2 files with same name, diff inode number, same dir05 Feb 2004
 (Summary) getting solaris 9 to use eri012 Jan 2004
 (Summary) mailx not working on Solaris 810 Feb 2004
Paul Clayton
 Summary: PS command07 Sep 2004
 Summary Sunfire F4800 problems06 Sep 2004
 Summary X6767 2gbit Fiber card02 Mar 2004
Paul Ransted
 Summary: Solaris 8 and Timezone16 Aug 2004
Paveza, Gary
 [SUMMARY]: question about new disks29 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY solaris 8 update 707 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY: init vs shutdown15 Jun 2004
Pavic, Aleksander
 SUMMARY: syslog logs not to messages05 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: syslog logs not to messages02 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: Where to get SUNWGlib08 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: whats the best place to share a script : network config17 Feb 2004
Pawel Branski
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 to 9 upgrade problem with disk space23 Nov 2004
Perrier Kent
 Summary: Help needed in compiling vim 6.3 with gcc 3.4.1 on Solar is 805 Aug 2004
 Summary RE: installing packages without pkgadd09 Jan 2004
Peter Eacmen
 [SUMMARY] APC Smart-UPS serial link with Netra X112 May 2004
Peter Guthrie
 SUMMARY: Copy flash archive from tape07 Jul 2004
Peter Stokes
 SUMMARY - vold automatically starts AFTER system is running!!13 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: Scroll Wheel/Wireless mouse for Sun Ray?13 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: Wierd su error25 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY - Info on user auth Samba on Sol 2.6 with Windows 2003?14 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: Solaris 2.6, gzip and largefiles18 May 2004
 [SUMMARY] Anyone have CD->MP3 software for sparc sol 9?17 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY: Suggestions for IDE DVD Writer on SPARC/Solaris23 Mar 2004
 [SUMMARY] Cups configuration on Sol 9 Sparc14 Jan 2004
Philipp Buehler
 SUMMARY: EMC dual-attached, no metadata updates visible14 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY: secure ways of disposing a hard disk - command needed to erase data21 Sep 2004
 summary: Urgent: SunBlade 100 can't boot up after 'pkgadd' - solved24 Jul 2004
 Summary: chown root:root soft link /etc/hosts gives "root other"20 Jun 2004
 Summary: key logger on Solaris15 Jun 2004
 partial summary: key logger on Solaris14 Jun 2004
Prashant Zanwar
 SUMMARY: Superblock showing wrong free blocks on /var10 Mar 2004
Praven P Nair
 SUMMARY : Please Help for Solaris VPN28 Jan 2004
Procter, Paul Mr (EDS)
 SUMMARY:Quick Info Required25 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY: Sun Patch Manager vs PatchPro08 Nov 2004
 [SUMMARY] How to OS install on 0+1 raid volume ?26 Dec 2004
 [SUMMARY] About watchdog , What watch-dog ??13 Dec 2004
Purakal, Max
 SUMMARY: LDAP netgroups24 Dec 2004
Quinterno, Mauricio Ariel
 SUMMARY: HP surestore DLT 80 in a sun4m05 Feb 2004
R. Marc Baldus
 Summary: Where did swap go?14 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: cannot tip into V24029 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY: Legato bootstrap fails for Storage Node29 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: Colour problem on PGX64/Blade10026 Aug 2004
 Summary: Enterprise 400010 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: DB25 null cable modem09 Mar 2004 removed12 Feb 2004
Rafael Angarita
 SUMMARY: DNS Generic14 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: Sendmail + LDAP09 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: Keeping servers identical06 Jan 2004
RaghuNath L(Raghu)
 Summary: Graceful shutdown when there is ups is getting drained07 Oct 2004
Rami Aubourg-Kaires
 SUMMARY: How long does a failed nfs mount hang at boot?30 Nov 2004
Randy Millis
 SUMMARY: Dump prom settings on a SunFire 280R?16 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: Solaris 9 DHCP client hostname / DNS Update07 Jan 2004
Randy Romero
 SUMMARY: High IO problem after installing 8_Recommended10 Mar 2004
 Summary: Monitor Disk Space05 Sep 2004
Raval, Nikul
 Summary: Swap drives in A100005 Nov 2004
Ray Pengelly
 SUMMARY: Ultra 5 NVRAM problems10 May 2004
 SUMMARY: Switching form NIS+ to NIS+ in compatibilty mode11 May 2004
 SUMMARY: 1TB External RAID shows up as 512GB07 Jan 2004
 SUMMARY: stale nfs mounts27 Jan 2004
 SUMMARY: SCSI bus resets22 Jan 2004
 SUMMARY: Enterprise System Management Freeware software07 Dec 2004
Remy Zandwijk
 SUMMARY: V240, qfe NIC and network boot08 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY: Does /tmp/ have to be mounted on swap (was: Does the swap have to be mounted onto /tmp/)18 Mar 2004
Ric Anderson
 SUMMARY: S8 creation of /dev/pts devices18 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY: Anyone using Sun Cluster for NFS?08 Oct 2004
Rich Bishop
 SUMMARY: disksuite question16 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY: solaris groups18 Aug 2004
Rich Bonfoey
 SUMMARY RE: Unable to fork13 May 2004
Rich Kulawiec
 UPDATED SUMMARY: Simple anti-spam system using open-source software and freely-available data23 Jul 2004
Rich Teer
 SUMMARY: Install requirements SunScreen 3.221 Dec 2004
 Summary: Why can't I push a new NIS map05 Mar 2004
Ricky Chan
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart problem with V100 on Solaris 822 Mar 2004
Rider, Toby
 Summary: Dating Sun servers.08 Dec 2004
Rikard Skjelsvik
 Summary: Keylogger timetracker etc27 Jan 2004
Rizwan Sadiq
 SUMMARY: Sun E-450 Hangup problem28 Nov 2004
 Summary - Sol 8 Crontab question11 May 2004
Rob De Langhe
 SUMMARY: where to find and how to install correct fonts to display MathML in Netscape-7 ?06 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: GIFs (or so) of SUN hosts for network diagrams02 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: advise wanted for multi-terabytes filesystems27 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: problems with Citrix and SunRay servers26 May 2004
 SUMMARY: serial-B port on SUN-V210 ?24 May 2004
 SUMMARY: any free MP3-to-WAV convertor for Solaris ?06 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: Solaris 5.6 on V100 ?06 Mar 2004
Rob McDonnell
 SUMMARY: flar to tape : write: not modulo 2 device granularity error30 Aug 2004
Robert Geiger
 SUMMARY: Forcing Stronger Passwords31 Jan 2004
Robert Helmer
 SUMMARY: 64-bit JVM on Solaris 8/V880, app server issues13 Feb 2004
Robert Kracke
 SUMMARY: Your opinion on swap size18 Aug 2004
Rodgers Rodney Contr 13 AF/SAIC
 Summary crontabs13 Jul 2004
Rodney Holmes
 [SUMMARY] Re: remote syslog and syslog.conf question16 Dec 2004
Roetman, Paul
 [SUMMARY] Snoopy port to Solaris12 Jul 2004
 Summary: Sizing Hardware10 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: Metadisk Mirror re-sync08 Jan 2004
Roland Gabriel
 SUMMARY: Creating a searcheable filesystem index09 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: Determining PCI cards present in E450 programmatically05 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY: Need to truncate wtmpx on a live system20 May 2004
Roy Erickson
 SUMMARY: 240 vs 28024 Feb 2004
Roy Lo
 Summary: question on put netcool in jumpstart19 May 2004
Roy W. Erickson
 SUMMARY: Mixing CPU speeds07 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY: Nagios16 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY: how to fix mtu on interface01 May 2004
Rudi van Houten
 SUMMARY SunRay and CAM (or kiosk)27 Jan 2004
Ruiter de, Klaas
 SUMMARY: SDS/SVM number of metadevices27 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: RE: tar versus cpio versus ufsdump12 Mar 2004
Russell Page
 SUMMARY: Again - Notebooks for support - USB -> Serial dongles.05 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY: Notebook for support.20 Sep 2004
Ryan A. Krenzischek
 CORRECTION on UPDATE: PART SUMMARY: cannot change user password (fwd)30 Jun 2004
 UPDATE: PART SUMMARY: cannot change user password (fwd)30 Jun 2004
S.A. Birl
 SUMMARY: Docs on SPARC station IPC04 Mar 2004
Sabrina Lautier
 SUMMARY: NIS: ypbind error29 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY: How to check the update version of a solaris 8 server ?21 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: Help on egrep/regular expression24 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: How to restrict NIS users access to some servers04 May 2004
Sal Serafino
 SUMMARY: utmpd/wtmpx/last problem08 Apr 2004
Sandra Washco C.
 SUMMARYRe: Problems with my monitor in Solaris 9 x8617 Mar 2004
Santomauro, Deborah
 SUMMARY - OT - Apache Install Problem24 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: Password history20 Jul 2004
 Update - SUMMARY - Assigning "root" privileges to a user12 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY - Assigning "root" privileges to a user12 Feb 2004
Schaper, Soeren
 SUMMARY: slow backup on tape23 Feb 2004
 [SUMMARY]:Exceed configuration13 Jan 2004
Scott Johnson
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 char password limit03 Jul 2004
Scott Pham
 SUMMARY: Growing Mirror set on soft partitions30 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: NFS Question: What server has mounted a NFS share? [Virus checked HSH Nordbank]17 Sep 2004
Sebastien Daubigne
 SUMMARY : T3 console : risky ?15 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY : Assigning T3+ IP without rebooting ?14 Dec 2004
Seth Rothenberg
 SUMMARY:telnet: connection refused08 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY: sudo from crontab29 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: Perl Crypt::IDEA - SFTP ?21 Jul 2004
 Summary: L25 tape library in a cluster10 Feb 2004
Shailendra Dawane
 SUMMARY: NIS+21 Apr 2004
Sharon Merritt
 SUMMARY:swap slice vs swapfile01 Jan 2004
Shaw, Kevin
 Summary DHCP Server21 Jun 2004
 Summary Installing MIME-Base64 on Solaris 917 Jun 2004
Shen Yuguo
 Summary: E10K ssp question29 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: Configure X6767A to connect ESS 2105-F20 on V88023 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY A1000 has lost partitioning information21 Mar 2004
 Summary: NIC can reach 100 Mbps ?21 Jul 2004
Simon L
 SUMMARY: Sol 8 : No utmpx entry. no logins possible27 May 2004
Siva Singam Santhakumar
 Summary: Tape drive for Sun Fire v24002 Nov 2004
 Summary: Tape drive for Sun Fire v24028 Oct 2004
 Summary: Quick AWK help25 Aug 2004
Sixbury, Dan
 SUMMARY Solaris 2.6 on new Sun Hardware31 Mar 2004
Skip Hammack
 SUMMARY: Redundant power supplies aren't22 Jun 2004
Slamet Ahmad Fadilah
 SUMMARY: Urgent: Mirror Disk Needs Maintenance14 May 2004
Smith, Kevin
 SUMMARY: Off topic - working out time differences22 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: Calling su from cron10 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: Replace FCAL bootdisk [SunFire Range]27 May 2004
Smith, William E. (Bill), Jr.
 SUMMARY: Error Upon Logoff of Guest FTP User Post08 Jan 2004
 SUMMARY: Swap space leak on Clustered E450's with Solaris 806 Jan 2004
Smoko Mr Charles
 SUMMARY: interrupt level 4 not serviced (revised)25 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY: interrupt level 4 not serviced05 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY solstice disk suite volume access from CD boot13 Jan 2004
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 maximum process id number29 Jan 2004
Speedy Matrix
 SUMMARY:Re: help: How to Run Script Backup Crontab08 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY-Re: CONSOLE setting in /etc/default/login file08 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY-Re: Removing a directory segfaults...08 Mar 2004
Spurgeon, John P
 SUMMARY: race condition: 'ps -o ppid -p $$' outputs ppid=113 May 2004
sreenath sarikonda
 SUMMARY: DTE or DCE and Connecting RockPort 8 port serial to SunFire.20 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY:StorEdge 3310 disk replacement possible side effects.11 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY: su - $user and use user .profile variables.04 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: Urgent: Disabling faulty memory component.28 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY:Re: su - user -c "cd $VARIABLE;find . -name sri" doesn't work.03 Aug 2004
sridhara pk
 SUMMARY:Login to locked accounts04 Mar 2004
Stefan Varga
 Summary:Re: vx60 console01 Sep 2004
Steinhauer Juergen
 Summary: T3 not seen in Solaris 923 Mar 2004
Stephen Mendoza
 Summary : OS won't see my new RAID size28 Sep 2004
Stephen Moccio
 [SUMMARY] NFS mounting question24 Jul 2004
Steve Howie
 [SUMMARY]: NTP and BIG time difference18 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY: E450 Upgrade Solaris 7 -> 909 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: Changing an NFS file system exported R/O02 Feb 2004
Steve Mickeler
 SUMMARY : sa bug in solaris 9 ?15 Jul 2004
Steve Plemmons
 SUMMARY: NIS+ server - changing NIS emulation27 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: changing someone's home directory using nistbladm15 Jan 2004
Steve Rieger
 Re: E 450 power up issues SUMMARY07 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY RE: 420R with an HBA issue24 Sep 2004
Steven Back
 SUMMARY: A1000 Battery still failed after replace06 Sep 2004
Storie, Sam [EPM/RTC]
 [SUMMARY] Problem with GNU screen and multiple users on Solaris 928 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY: Solaris Management Console 2.1 not functioning properly on SunFire V44012 Jul 2004
Stoyan Angelov
 SUMMARY: T3 interconnect cable pinouts + CM 2.229 Oct 2004
 Summary: web server 6.1 administration server - password15 Jul 2004
Stoyan Genov
 SUMMARY: V880 failing to boot, i2c2 error25 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY: V880 memory error, how to react30 May 2004
Stuart Morris
 SUMMARY: exe request28 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY:rpc.pcnfsd or alternative for it20 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: NFS Issue09 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY:Creating an alternate boot disk02 Mar 2004
Sugan Moodley
 SUMMARY: NULL rootdg with Veritas 3.5 on Solaris 823 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: preventing users from setting 777 permissions17 Jan 2004
Suleyman Alan
 SUMMARY: Terminal concentrator problem22 Jul 2004
Sumeet Chandwani
 [SUMMARY] Using tar to restore files backup up using Veritas Netbackup11 Nov 2004
Sun List
 [SUMMARY] quota groups and Solaris 905 Jan 2004
 [SUMMARY]: swap size reporting double]07 Jun 2004
Sundaram Ramasamy
 SUMMARY: disk not responding to selection21 Sep 2004
 Re: SUMMARY :Solais home direcotry in /home05 Feb 2004
 [SUNMANAGERS] SUMMARY strange who problem on V100 after cluster patch12 Oct 2004
 [SUNMANAGERS] [NONSUMMARY] strange who problem on V100 after cluster patch06 Oct 2004
 [SUMMARY] sbus based SunPC pc expansion card16 Jun 2004
 [SUMMARY] SunRay 1 boot problems /26D and /var/dt/Xerrors problem12 May 2004
 [SUMMARY] (no success) Problem with DLT "DEC TZ 87"21 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: log NFS requests16 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: backing out patch10 Nov 2004
 Re: SUMMARY:restart inetd daemon18 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY:restart inetd daemon17 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: was server hacked?01 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: How many open files do we currently have26 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY: How many open files do we currently have (Apology)26 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY: problem with displaying back GUI15 Jan 2004
 SUMMARY: ifconfig: plumb: qfe0: Bad file number06 Jan 2004
Swider, Bucky
 SUMMARY: IPMP with multiple "testpartners"15 Mar 2004
Syed Saifudeen
 SUMMARY:Telnet27 Sep 2004
 Summary: sunblade 1500 and Solaris 925 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY: Copy files to DMZ web-server15 Jan 2004
 Summary: Sparc 20 keeps rebooting with fatal system fault: sipr =4000000004 Jun 2004
Szilágyiné Szabadkai Éva
 SUMMARY: NIS+ Admintool04 Aug 2004
Tam Phan
 SUMMARY:V210 with quad fastethernet card27 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY: Hardware : Quad gigaswift PCI card : locking tabs not working.03 Aug 2004
Ted Parks
 SUMMARY: weak umount!23 Jun 2004
Teklu, Daniel
 FW: OS install on 440 (summary)08 Jan 2004
Terje J. Hanssen
 SUMMARY: Solaris 7 Trim for a diskless SS1 client to boot as X Terminal25 Jan 2004
Terry Franklin
 SUMMARY: sendmail and smart relays (resent)12 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: sendmail and smart relays12 Apr 2004
Thomas Cannon
 SUMMARY: Console between two E450's05 Jan 2004
Thomas Walter
 SUMMARY: Sol8 - local disk won't mount13 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: openssh problem10 Mar 2004
Thor Newman
 SUMMARY: Notice Of SSH Interop Issues17 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: Enterprise 4500 Memory Interleave Advice Sought24 Jun 2004
Tilak Gamalath
 SUMMARY: L9 Autoloader configuration07 Jun 2004
Tim Chipman
 SUMMARY: 3rd party ATA/SATA controller for Sparc?25 Oct 2004
 SUMMARY: force-mount a corrupt UFS FS possible w/o fsck completion ?22 Sep 2004
Tim Evans
 SUMMARY: E4500 Memory Errors?09 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: SUMMARY: E4500 Memory Errors?10 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: Whence Interactive 'dhcpconfig'?06 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: Free to a Good (Non-Profit) Home26 May 2004
 SUMMARY: Solaris Data Backup Utility 5.5.x Media?03 May 2004
 SUMMARY: T3 Unresponsive Under Heavy Load09 Jan 2004
Tim Kirby
 Summary: Strange jumpstart behavior21 Apr 2004
 SUMMARY: Framemaker 6.0 for Solaris media02 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: Solaris, sd.conf and LUNs29 Jan 2004
Tim Longo
 SUMMARY: Problems with vold03 Sep 2004
 Summary Re: Error booting Solaris 9 8/04 CD11 Aug 2004
Tim McLaurin
 SUMMARY: Serial/LOM Port issue28 May 2004
Tim Wort
 SUMMARY: Sendmail and RBL entires. (fwd)24 May 2004
Tis Unix
 SUMMARY: Swap Problems and Mounting /tmp as a true disk partition .....23 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: openssl12 May 2004
 SUMMARY: Backup19 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY Re: Backup script18 Mar 2004
Tobias Koch
 SUMMARY: SDS metadb parse_ctd(): partial_ctd_str = malloc(-2)28 Jan 2004
Tobias Oetiker
 [summary] What does my Kernel do?13 Jan 2004
Todd, Wayne
 SUMMARY: What does QUS stand for?08 Dec 2004
 Summary: Internet browsing Solaris 2.807 Jul 2004
Tom Riley
 Solaris 8 / Serial Installation Summary04 Oct 2004
Tony Howat
 SUMMARY: Solaris as FC SAN client and multipathing29 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: Solaris as FC SAN client (and multipathing questions)28 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: Cloning through SDS Mirror, boot failure21 May 2004
Tony Magtalas
 SUMMARY: How to change hostid and MAC address in SF 280R05 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY: Where is netscape 7.2 ?23 Nov 2004
 Summary: E250 problem: fan failure has been detected18 Mar 2004
Tony van Lingen
 [SUMMARY] oracle installer failing on Solaris 725 May 2004
 SUMMARY: Multiple /opt's21 Jan 2004
 [UPDATE] SUMMARY: E420R unexplaned panic after UE error10 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: tape/scsi error - <device>: write protected or reserved.18 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY: E420R unexplaned panic after UE error11 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY: SSH & root logins01 Mar 2004
Travis Haas
 SUMMARY: deleted metadatabase replica02 Sep 2004
 SUMMARY: No password needed to login27 Feb 2004
Truax, Bruce (COMFIN, VFS, Consultant)
 Summary: U5 running 2.6 with a 20GB hard drive issue.05 Jan 2004
Truax, Bruce (GE Commercial Finance, NonGE)
 Summary: Sun-fire system controller password - revisited:17 Dec 2004
Truhn Chad M CONT DLVA
 SUMMARY: Password in shell script20 Oct 2004
 Summary: SuperBlock Issue09 Aug 2004
Tufan Sen (TS)
 SUMMARY: Solaris 9 Mount Problem at boot time13 May 2004
Tyler Hardison
 Partial Summary Ultra 10 bad motherboard?20 Jul 2004
 SUMMARY: Partial Summary Ultra 10 bad motherboard?20 Jul 2004
U n d e r a c h i e v e r
 SUMMARY: Problem with alerting from Raid Manager02 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY: inodes and jumpstart18 Nov 2004
 Summary: Sunray licensing + another Q (dtlp)22 Jan 2004
 Summary: Sunray licensing + another Q (dtlp)22 Jan 2004
 SUMMARY:: yp faults on workstations (transport level create failure )24 Jun 2004
 Summary: Tape Library Problem (L20)07 Jan 2004
 SUMMARY: High rate of input errors on GE interface03 Mar 2004
Vahid Moghaddasi
 SUMMARY: Correct %CPU usage02 Feb 2004
Valeriy Glinskiy
 SUMMARY 2: help needed in identifying SUN or LSI part number09 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: help needed in identifying SUN or LSI part number09 Mar 2004
Venkatakrishna P.V
 Summary: Sun Servers preventive maintenance30 Jun 2004
Victor Engle
 SUMMARY: LDAP netgroups12 Oct 2004
Vincent Cojot
 SUMMARY: scsiinfo- available, SFK and QUS issues status.26 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: Adding space to root filesystem05 Mar 2004
 Summary : Netmasks in Solaris04 Nov 2004
Walton, Joe
 SUMMARY: scp problem16 Dec 2004
Wamala, Muhamudu
 SUMMARY: ndd command29 Jul 2004
Wanke Matthias
 [Summary] Legato Networker "inquire" command does not work on qlo gic(SUN) fc-hba's26 Jan 2004
Warren Liang
 SUMMARY: How to reset netstat counters27 Oct 2004
 Summary: The network interface of sun Fire V440 can't work correctly18 Mar 2004
 SUMMARY: error when mount-- is not this fstype08 Jan 2004
Wayne Wright
 Summary E4500 connected to D2 Array20 Jul 2004
WC Jones
 Re: SUMMARY: RWIN on Solaris?16 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY: RWIN on Solaris?14 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY: Solaris RAMDISK ?13 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY: MTU Issues under PPPoE and aDSL12 Feb 2004
Webmaster - ITServ GmbH
 SUMMARY: Flashing FCode to QLogic 2100 PCI29 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY: SDS/SVM on USB disks possible?23 Nov 2004
 Re: SUMMARY: cloning boot drive10 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY: Prevent Solaris from broadcasting ARP for second interface over first interface.29 Sep 2004
Wesley W. Garland
 Summary: A5x00 Failure; cannot bring loop A online14 Jan 2004
Wianecki, Christopher
 SUMMARY: Cant boot X1 - fsck problem?!?06 Jul 2004
 Re:(SUMMARY) ufs restore18 Jun 2004
Wienberg, Hans
 SUMMARY: NetBackup VS Backup Exec25 Aug 2004
Wilkinson, Alex
 [SUMMARY] kernel question ....12 Dec 2004
 [SUMMARY] default Solaris group minimum ... can we toggle ?25 Nov 2004
 [SUMMARY] Re: sec:u Trying to understand Solaris's /devices ....23 Nov 2004
Willi Burmeister
 SUMMARY: Solaris x86 JumpStart server on SPARC hardware23 Nov 2004
William M. Fennell
 disksuite and vfstab summary23 Nov 2004
 disksuite and vfstab summary22 Nov 2004
Williams, Larry
 [SUMMARY] Memory Leak Isolation under Solaris 2.601 Oct 2004
 [SUMMARY]: Ultra 10, 333MHz upgrade to 440MHz08 Jun 2004
Wolfgang Schwurack
 SUMMARY:Re: patches24 Nov 2004
 SUMMARY: Sans on V44006 Aug 2004
Wong, Ivan
 Summary: rsh problem05 Jan 2004
Wood, Lawrence N
 SUMMARY: XVR-100 graphics card in DVI mode26 Aug 2004
 SUMMARY: SCSI confusion17 Mar 2004
Wyatt Song
 [SUMMARY] OpenBoot Reset17 Feb 2004
 SUMMARY: cron kidding me07 May 2004
Ximo Domenech
 SUMMARY: LTO barcode tool07 Jun 2004
 SUMMARY: secure netbackup connections12 Feb 2004
 Summary: /usr/lib/picl/picld: fatal: open failed: No such file or directory19 Oct 2004
 [SUMMARY] top command display process number12 Dec 2004
 SUMMARY:can not import volume23 May 2004

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