Summary: Booting from DVD

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Date: Fri Jul 30 2004 - 03:58:17 EDT
Thanks to Andy Yother, Sam Impastato and Ben Green for replying. 


They all expected the OS version to be a problem, link for this is:



Special thanks to John Christian for the excellent comments he made. 

He also suggested the OS version, but then suspected a hardware CPU/memory
problem, since during an install the high-data-transfer rates expose the
hardware problems that normal day-to-day operations do not. Also he sent me
a better way to diagnose the system from the OK prompt.


Our problem is solved. We have tried several hardware changes, by taking out
a CPU, but that did not really help. We did not have any additional memory
chips, but took them out anyway. After reseating them, the system started
acting normal again! Sometimes the little things we don't think of within a
server environment will do the trick!


Thanks again for all the help.


Wim Pronk

IT Specialist

Library Computer Center, Heidelberg.



Sent: Thu 7/29/2004 10:17 AM
Subject: Booting from DVD

Hi All,

We have a weird problem. We have a 280R, dual processor, 2 * 73 GB HD and 4
GB of RAM. The box is fully loaded with Solaris 9, including all patches.
Today we wanted to reload the box, since we will have to use it for
something else. We decide to do a complete fresh load from DVD.

>From the OK prompt:

Boot cdrom

It starts the installation process, but stops with a panic reboot,
complaining about CPU1, more we can not read. It then reboots into the
original load. prntdiag -v gives us no hardware errors.

Any ideas?

Wim Pronk
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