SUMMARY - mangled disk error - puzzled

From: Lisa Weihl <>
Date: Thu Feb 05 2004 - 13:34:26 EST
I've received enough replies now to realize I've been mistaken.  I could've 
sworn 7 years ago when I went through Sun training that if one partition 
ENDED on a cylinder number the other began with that number.  Meaning they 
didn't really overlap.  0-3716 means that partition stopped at 3716 but 
obviously I'm wrong.  If I'd just looked for one partition table on the web 
I would've seen that.  Sorry guys (and gals).  I will be reformatting and 
restoring from tape.  Thanks for helping me out.

The following people were kind enough to reply and I appreciate their help.

Minoti Koul
Anthony Talltree
Trevor McLachlan
Ray Brownrigg
Kevin Buterbaugh
Michael Schulte
Hichael Morton
Jay Lessert

Original message....

I've looked online and through the sunmanagers archives for solutions to my 
problem but have to admit that I'm still puzzled.

I have an Ultra 5 running as a server. It's running Solaris 2.6 and has an 
Ultra Wide SCSI card. On one channel I have a DLT tape drive.  On the other 
channel I have 2 9GB hard drives.  They been up and running without fail 
since 1998.  Recently one of the filesystems began to give me 
trouble.  Lots of error messages like:  /filesystem bad dir ino 2 at offset 
242 : mangled entry.  Running fsck (yes I did unmount it) on it would find 
lots of unknown file type I=# Clear? errors. Originally fsck fixed it but I 
wasn't comfortable that all files were still connected.  Within a few 
minutes another fsck revealed more errors so I decided to newfs and restore 
from tape. The filesystem was residing on one of the disks in a 4GB 
partition with one other 4GB parition and a 500 mb partition.  Neither of 
the other filesystems was complaining.  Still I had an emtpy 4GB parition 
on the second drive so I moved the filesystem over there.  I issued the 
newfs command and restored the data from tape and ran fsck after the 
restore, it was fine.  Now here we are less than 1 week later and I'm 
getting the same mangled entry errors.  Still none of the other filesystems 
are complaining.  Ideas on what could be causing this?  Ideas I saw on the 
web were overlapping partitions or bad SCSI cable.  Here's the partition 
info from the format command, I'm just showing the relevant slices....

0	0-3716
2	0-7498
4	3716-7432

As far as I'm aware those cylinders don't overlap.  I haven't tried chaning 
SCSI cables yet.  I'm thinking that may not be the issue because wouldn't 
the other filesystems be reporting errors also?

I hope I haven't left out any relevant information.  Will summarize.  TIA 
for any help.

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