SUMMARY: jumpstarting v210

From: Mark Scheufele <>
Date: Fri Mar 19 2004 - 02:55:34 EST
I'm using the ISC dhcp server to provide all necessary information to
the jumpstart client. In my current config a machine type is identified
over the vendor-class-identifier. The problem now was that I had a type
error in this variable so the machine didn't get assigned
to the class SUNW.Sun-Fire-V210 and hence didn't know where the root
filesystem was.

dhcp config:

class "SUNW.Sun-Fire-V210" {
                match if option vendor-class-identifier =
                vendor-option-space SUNW;
                option SUNW.sysid-config-file-server
                option SUNW.JumpStart-server "pokemon:/install/config";
                option SUNW.install-server-hostname "pokemon";
                option SUNW.install-server-ip-address;
                option SUNW.install-path "/install/source";
                option SUNW.root-server-hostname "pokemon";
                option SUNW.root-server-ip-address;
                option SUNW.root-path-name

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From: Mark Scheufele
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Subject: jumpstarting v210


I want to jumpstart a sun Sunfire V210 with solaris 9 and the process
aborts with:

29200 retained OBPnvram page at 0x123f000000
device path '/pci@1f,700000/network@2:dhcp'
client path '/pci@1f,700000/network@2'
100 Mbps HDX Link up
panic - boot: Could not mount filesystem.
Program terminated

- I'm using the sun4u inetboot programm and the Boot filesystem from the
solaris 12/03
- the inetboot program is loaded succesfully as it seems
- the Boot filesystem is shared as follows:
	-               /install   ro,anon=0   ""
- this error must be related to the v210 in particular as I can install
  machines (Ultra60, Ultra1) successfully.

Any help is highly appreciated,

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