SUMMARY: V440 & larger disks

From: Grzegorz Bakalarski <>
Date: Tue Feb 03 2004 - 13:52:22 EST

Recently I've asked about using larger internal disks
inside V440 machine (see original question below).

Thanks to  Gregory Shaw, joe_fletcher & Jay Lessert,
who responded. 

General consensus is that it is possible ("shouldn't be problem").
Only I should take care about "matching the speed". I should not
put  "slower disks, because they'll slow everything else down as well".



------------Original query -------------------------------------
Dear All,

I've got V440 with four 36 SCSI (U320) r10k disks. I don't want to
have any attached storage, but I need more storage. I think about
replacing two 36GB internal drives with two 146GB drives.
I found an info that V440 supports 36GB or 72GB drives. Is it possible
that such large (146GB) drives will work?

Kind regards,   

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