SUMMARY: T3 Unresponsive Under Heavy Load

From: Tim Evans <>
Date: Fri Jan 09 2004 - 10:00:41 EST
I wrote:

>I have a T3 array, set up for RAID5, attached via FC-AL to a Sun 4500, with
>several filesystems under VxVM control (UFS filesystems, VxVM control).
>When heavy MySQL database loads (to a filesystem on the array) are going on,
>the rest of the fileystems on the array become pretty much inaccessible. Even
>simple directory listing hang indefinitely.
>Are there tunable parameters for the T3 that might address this issue?

Only one reply on this one, from Alex Theodore <>,
who suggested the T3 cache is being overrun, and that T3's are 
"notorious for doing this sort of thing." Thanks, Alex.

A Sunsolve search turned up the availability of a firmware upgrade for
the T3, in the form of Patch 109115 (current rev is -15).  This is a flash
upgrade that'll have to be performed with the array inactive.
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