SUMMARY: S8 creation of /dev/pts devices

From: Ric Anderson <ric_at_Opus1.COM>
Date: Sat Dec 18 2004 - 10:45:40 EST
Based on the responses, Solaris 8 and above dynamically
grow the number of pts devices without changing /etc/system
or rebooting.  Exactly what criteria is used to "decide to grow"
and "how much to grow by" still seems to be a mystery.  In my
case, device /dev/pts/32 being used occurred around the time that
pts/65-pts/128 appeared.  Some testing on a desktop with 32 pts
devices showed that 32 MORE appeared as soon as pts/16 was assigned
so I'm speculating that at 50% utilization, more pts devices will
appear, and (based on a sample space of 2), the number created
will equal the number already present :-)

Thanks to all who responded
> One of my solaris 8 systems (Generic_117350-06) created additional
> pts devices (65 thru 128) yesterday around 11:01 am for no reason I
> can see.  There was nothing in /var/adm/messages or /var/log/anything
> nor was lastcomm or last particularly interesting.  No 
> software changes
> have been made on this system since August, and it was last rebooted
> about a month ago due to a power outage.
> Does anyone know why the system might decide to create extra ptys
> without a reconfigure reboot or an on-the-fly drvconfig?
> Thanks,
> Ric Anderson (
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