SUMMARY: Sun StorEdge PCI Dual Ultra3 SCSI HBA

From: Gary Chambers <>
Date: Wed Jan 14 2004 - 13:53:31 EST

Thanks to Wes Garland and Dale Hirchert for their informative replies to
my query.

I'm hesitant to call it consensus, but it would appear that "manual
termination" implies that the port on the HBA is terminated.

Interestingly, the cards are shipped with different configurations (i.e.
one port is set for auto-termination, the other manual termination)
based upon their date of manufacture.  Accordingly, it is important to
double-check these settings to ensure they function as expected.

AS ALWAYS, I'd like to "honorably" mention those individuals who felt I
was important enough for them to keep me informed of their whereabouts
during their office absences:

"Ryals, Joseph" <>
"Wood, Karl P" <>
"Merrell, Vince [IT]" <>

My initial request for assistance is as follows:

Our environment consists of two Sun V240s running Solaris 9 HW 12/03 and
two Arena Rackforce II RAID boxes.  We're using the subject cards to
inter-connect the RAID devices, all SUNWqus[ux] packages are installed
(and applied 112706-03), and the SCSI initiator ID has been changed on
one of the systems.

According to the 05/02 documentation:

"The jumper settings used for terminator enable and disable are:

1-2 : Auto termination enable
2-3 : Manual termination enable
No Jumper: terminator disable"

Can someone definitively say that termination is ON when jumpers 2-3 are
shorted?  The documentation is unclear, and the behavior the RAIDs are
exhibiting appears to be indicative of a termination problem somewhere.

Also, I'd greatly appreciate if anyone has any advice for operating in a
multi-initiator environment.  TIA

Gary Chambers

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