SUMMARY: RE: 4 Gb extra memory not recognised

From: Ng Y. [DH] <>
Date: Fri Sep 03 2004 - 10:15:46 EDT
Thank you all very much for your input.  

A Sun Blade 2500, originally equipped with 4Gb RAM, does not utilise 4Gb extra memory which has been installed

An extra CPU will have to be installed because this machine is only runnning 1CPU and as correctly pointed out by Lance Rochelle, Joseph Kabbabe, Andres Martinez, and Ric Anderson, the maximum amount of memory is 4Gb per CPU.

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>Subject: 4 Gb extra memory not recognised
>Good morning,
>I have a brand new Sun Blade 2500 server which was originally 
>equipped with 4Gb RAM.  It has recently been upgraded to 8Gb 
>but it still shows 4Gb while booting.  All banks are full, 
>each one with a 1Gb module, so the order is of no importance 
>and according to Sun the maximum amount of memory which can be 
>installed in this machine is 8Gb.
>The "banner" command at the ok prompt shows OpenBoot 4.9.5 and 
>4096 MB memory installed.
>Has anyone experienced something similar and if so which steps 
>did you take to resolve this issue?
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