SUMMARY: creating subdirectories with the cp command - is it possible?

From: Colin Haffenden <>
Date: Tue Jul 13 2004 - 10:32:03 EDT
Thanks to the mega quick responses... to many to list..

Basically cp cannot do it. Most responses said use mkdir -p which was
my fear of adding an extra line into an already time consuming script.

Others suggest tar or cpio which I will test the timings on.

Also rsync was suggested but I don't think that will help as I'm
copying the data locally.

Again thanks to all that responded

Original question....

Hi All,

I have had a look on google and the archives but can't seem to find any
answers on this.

Does anybody know whether it is possible to create subdirectories with
the cp command?

I have been given the task of moving some data and update a database at
the same time.

I will presented with a file like...

/original_dir/text.txt	/new_dir/non-existent_subdir1/nonexistent_subdir1/newtext.txt

I have added a few checks, cp and db update, but cp does not create the
new sub dirs.

I am reluctant to create all the new dirs within the same script as
there are about 3 million records and it's going to take forever to

I've checked the man page and couldn't see any options that would

Anyone have any ideas?

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