Summary: Tape Library Problem (L20)

From: V AS <>
Date: Wed Jan 07 2004 - 11:20:33 EST
Thank you all for the replies.

The answer was unanimous- Use nsrjb -HE to reset the jukebox to it initial 
state and thats what did the trick. Some also mentioned updating the 
firmware. I am pretty new to the whole thing, can anyone help me in that 
respect? I managed to get the firmware version using the L20 front panel. It 
reads--> Firmware Revisions --> Library --> 1.05.S and Tape DLT7000 --> Code 
Rev: 100
Is this the information required to determine the firmware? I noticed that 
there is a menu on the front panel of the L20 for "Upgrading the Firmware". 
However, it needs the update on one of the Tapes? Is this possible?

Thanks a bunch,

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