SUMMARY: Syslog not sending to remote host

From: Kwan, William <>
Date: Thu Feb 05 2004 - 21:21:35 EST
Hi all,
Thanks for those quick responses.

1. I was lazy and didn't run debug mode
2. Solaris doesn't like "*.*"
   Therefore, I will need *.notice;*.debug......

Thank you

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Subject: Syslog not sending to remote host

HI all,

Setting up a couple Sol8 systems to send syslog to a Linux system.  Oh
yes, iptable was turned off during the test.

I did this on a test box:

1. remove loghost from /etc/host
2. add the ip and hostname of the logging server in /etc/hosts
3. add "*.*<tabs>@logserverxyz" to the end of syslog.conf
4. restarted syslogd

Tcpdump doesn't show anything passing out the logserverxyz.  What is

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