Summary Sunfire F4800 problems

From: Paul Clayton <>
Date: Mon Sep 06 2004 - 09:09:36 EDT
Ok, so lots of egg on face with the vfstab file. We got lost on the device
names, and did not see that the "no' to mount at boot time should have been

As for the /etc/system file. This one is odd. Although the system was
rebooted after the /etc/system was read, the changes did not show up in
"sysdef" until they were acccessed. Ie: a database created.


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Hello Paul,

>In the /etc/vfstab file we have long device file name mapped to a
>These appear to not be read at boot time, but can be mounted bye command
>line as "mount -a".
>An example of a line is thus.
>/dev/rdsk/c6t60003BA4E855400041386C190005D034d0s5       /bmd    ufs     -
>no      rw,largefiles
It seems that you have the mount at boot flag (number 6) set to no, set 
it to yes and it will mount at boot time.

>Next question is the /etc/system file.
>Any setting we put into the file get ignored. 
>The system is configured as a domain.
Have you rebooted the machine since making the change?

I hope this helps.


Nathan Dietsch
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