SUMMARY: [V880 Solaris 9 ) prtdiag problem

From: Grzegorz Bakalarski <>
Date: Thu Apr 01 2004 - 08:37:26 EST
Dear All

Sorry for late summary. But I wanted to check one advice (i.e.
turn off the system fully any start with full test mode - then 
restart again). This din't help. As a workaround following other
advice I copied /usr/platform/SUNW,Sun-Fire-880/lib/
from other unpatched machine and this cured a problems. Today I found also 
official SUN statement on that:

Patch-ID# 113574-03
Keywords: libpsvc sunw,sun-fire-880 psvc_sema_rdwr picld
Synopsis: SunOS 5.9: SUNW,Sun-Fire-880 libpsvc Patch
Date: May/23/2003

Patch 113574-03 has been re-instated  on Mar. 25, 2004.
Patch 113574-08 was withdrawn.

Patch 113574-08 causes a segmentation fault 
when "prtdiag" is run.

Please reference bugID 5016636 for more info.

Please backout patch 113574-08 and install
patch 113574-03, if necessary.


I think this solves problem at the moment.



-----------------Original Query--------------------------
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 14:21:50 +0100
From: Grzegorz Bakalarski <>

Dear ALL,

Recently I installed 113573-04 & 113574-08 patches (libpsvcpolicy &
libprtdiag_psr). Now I get Segmentation Fault whenever I try to run
prtdiag. Is there any way (other than patchrm) to get this command

Machine is: SUN FIRE V880 - 6x900MHz Ultra III sparc 12GB
uname -a: SunOS  5.9 Generic_112233-11 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-880
patched to recent (Feb 27th/2004) recommended patches.


PS: I've also intalled on the same day patch 113277-19 (sd & ssd).
   I don't think this is related but since that day I have been
   noticing larger max system load (i.e above some 16 vs under some 8)
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