SUMMARY: changing someone's home directory using nistbladm

From: Steve Plemmons <>
Date: Thu Jan 15 2004 - 14:20:23 EST
Back in July, Dave Martini posted the following syntax as the proper way to
use nistbladm to edit the value of a table (why are the sun docs so off on


nistbladm -e value=hostname:/export/home2/user
I translated that into the following command for my needs:
nistbladm -e home=/home/faculty2/brenden '[name=brenden]'passwd.org_dir
This works fine from the command line, but I wanted to script this to save
some typing.  Following is the text from a simple example of what I want to
echo "Enter login name: "
MAT=`nismatch name=$USERID passwd.org_dir`
if [ -z "$MAT" ]; then
   echo no such user $USERID
   exit 1
nistbladm -e home=/home/faculty/${USERID} '[name=${USERID}]'passwd.org_dir
Running this script gives me the following output.
Enter login name: 
can't modify entry: Not found.
I know that this is a simple scripting problem with the variable usage or
maybe something to do with the single quotes, but I can't find the answer in
any docs that I have available to me or on the net.  Can someone give me
some advice about the proper syntax for that last line of my script?
Steve Plemmons
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