SUMMARY: Anyone using Sun Cluster for NFS?

From: Ric Anderson <ric_at_Opus1.COM>
Date: Fri Oct 08 2004 - 19:09:26 EDT
Drew Skinner [] suggested
Sun Performance Suite.

Reggie Beavers [] suggested
Free High Availability Software for Solaris

David Foster [] noted Sun Cluster
is complex, and that I should look at Veritas Cluster.

Gary Chambers [] said it works well for
him with shared storage.

Gary P Carr [] noted I should get a detailed
quote for -all- the pieces needed.

Thanks to all for your help - I have some more reading to do :-)
> I'm looking for a way to provide more robust home
> directory storage than a single system for a 30ish
> user workgroup.  Has anyone tried using the Sun Cluster
> software to create an NFS server cluster that will
> survive the death of one of the two system units
> in the cluster?  
> Thanks,
> Ric Anderson (
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