SUMMARY: optdload problem

From: Ed Lawson <>
Date: Sat Mar 13 2004 - 15:38:54 EST
Sorry, this is long overdue, but I still wanted to post it.


First Problem:

>I'm at my wits end on this one.  Solaris Patch 111649 comes with the 

>optdload application, which is supposed to download firmware onto the 

>Toshiba SD-M1401 DVD-ROM drive.  (Which is the drive that I have in 

>several machines.)


>So, I downloaded the patch, installed it on the box with the Toshiba 

>drive and attempted to run the optdload command with the -l flag (which 

>is supposed to list the 'downloadable' devices.)  optdload reports that 

>no downloadable devices are available.  OK, so I tried to force it with 

>the -d command (optdload -d /dev/rdsk/c0t6d0s2), optdload reports that 

>identified device is not downloadable.  Anybody have any ideas on this?  

>Has anybody been able to get this to work properly?


Some great responses to this one (thanks):


With regards to the patch problem, the consensus seemed to be a vold problem
(Thanks to Casper Dik and Julie Baumler).


However, vold was stopped on my system.  Luc Suryo suggested (and I agree
with him) that the patch installer displays the wrong error message if the
firmware upgrade is not needed.  


Second Problem:

>The second question is if I cannot get optdload to work properly, is 

>there some other way that I can check the firmware revision on the DVD-ROM


There turns out to be a lot of ways to get the the firmware revision.


1. Casper Dik recommended using iostat -E

2. Julie Baumler recommended


> Firmware revisions for most devices can be found using one or more of the

> prtconf -pv

> or some combination of:


> luxadm probe (to list devices)

> luxadm -v inquiry <device>

> luxadm -v dislay <device>


3. Luc I. Suryo recommended using cdrecord -scanbus


All of these worked well, and it turned out that I already had the latest
firmware revision.



Thanks again to Casper, Julie and Luc and sorry for the late summary.


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