SUMMARY: 2.6 hangs on configuring devices

From: Dave Landsiedel <>
Date: Wed Feb 11 2004 - 12:40:56 EST
Top of the morning,

After a long night I was able to come to a conclusion and solution thanks
Shanker Durgad
Anand Chouthai
There were several others that replied with the same fix so thanks to you

SunDoc 48586  Solaris 2.6 Patch 105181-33 may hang during a Reconfiguration

Solution was to boot cdrom -s and edit the /etc/system file add the
following entry:
set kobj_map_space_len=0x200000

Then boot the system.  I had a few issues with DiskSuite and my mirrors
being out a sync
but was able to get past the configuring devices message.  This was a work
around, the fix
is to load PATCH 105181-34.

I don't believe my problem stemmed from the GigaSwift Card or Drivers,
instead I believe we have never did a boot -r since we have loaded the OS
and patched.
I plan on trying to configure the GigaSwift card this Sat.

Thanks Again to all that have replied and helped me out.


I have listed the original post below.

>Have a SUN Ultra 250 that is running Solaris 2.6.
>Installed a GigaSwift Adapter card and drivers now the machine hangs
>on configuring devices.  Is there anyway to get passed this on boot up.
>I have tried removing the card and doing another boot -r but still hangs.
>Is there any patches I should have loaded?
>Haven't found anything on Sunsolve or Google yet..
>Any thoughts?

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