SUMMARY: Unix, Oracle9iAS Release2 requires a running X Server for ima ge generation needs

From: Dave Landsiedel <>
Date: Mon Feb 16 2004 - 16:14:48 EST
Thanks to all that have responded, which was more that I could list.
The overall concensus was to use XVFB or VNC.  I believe both would have
worked just fine.
What I have found out from my co-worker was that he did indeed have a
graphics card in that machine.
Just didn't have a head or keyboard hooked up...
So I connected his server into a Rariton KVM Switch and let him run the
xhost + from a console.
Had to run fbconfig -res 1024x768x75 on his server to drop the resolution
to work through the Rariton switch.
I have no idea why Oracle and the Java based gui webinterface need a
Xserver but it does.

Thanks Again..  There simply is NO other place to get the answers as fast
as going to the people on this list....

Original Post

I am helping out a co-worker with a Oracle issue.  The box is a SunFire
running Solaris 8.
It is a rack mounted server in a headless configuration.  But he needs to
allow 9iAS (oracle user) access to the X Server, the problem is without
having a console window how does one allow such a connection.
I have read the document on Oracle Metalink, but I am still not sure how to
do it.  I am attaching the article from Metalink.
Has anyone ran into this problem and is there a simple fix?  I just can
grasp what they are saying.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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