SUMMARY: replacement PCI card not being recognized

From: Dell, Mary <>
Date: Wed Sep 22 2004 - 08:57:54 EDT
D'OH!  Turns out the answer is "make sure you REALLY replaced the card,
instead of just imagining that you did" - I double-checked my part numbers
and apparently I did the replacment in one server but didn't actually do it
in the one that's "having trouble."

Didn't get any responses to this one yet (fortunately...)


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Subject: replacement PCI card not being recognized

Hi all,

I have an E220r.  I had a pci-ce card in it (that would be the sun gigaswift
ethernet card).  I pulled that card out, replaced it in the same slot with a
pci-ge card (that would be the older, sun gigabit ethernet card, that uses
the ge driver).  Did a reconfiguration boot (using touch /reconfigure and
init 6, not from the ok prompt), devfsadm, all that good stuff.  Uninstalled
the ce driver. and installed the ge driver.  Still can't plumb ge0 - get "no
such interface" - and when I do prtdiag it shows that I have the pci-ce

How can I force the machine to take another look at its hardware, and
correctly identify it? Should I be doing my reconfig boot from the prom?


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