SUMMARY: IP Multipathing, Sun Cluster 3.1

From: Gary Chambers <>
Date: Fri Jan 16 2004 - 10:23:01 EST

My IPMP problem is solved (and I retain what little sanity I have

First, I'd like to pass-along effusive (yes, effusive) thanks to the
following list participants:

Kevin Buterbaugh
John Garner
Ole Morten Oian
Justin Buhler
Kris Haislip

The problem lay somewhere in the switch to which our cluster is
connected.  Unfortunately, I haven't been allotted by our network
administrators the time to discuss it with them to determine a cause.
I moved bge1 to a separate network connection on the same subnet, and
(using John Garner's configuration example) it immediately began
working!  I'd like to especially thank Ole Morten Oian for shifting my
focus to the network.  He mentioned a similar problem caused by the
spanning-tree protocol on his switches.

Thank you VERY much!

Gary Chambers

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