SUMMARY: backing out patch

From: <>
Date: Wed Nov 10 2004 - 13:33:23 EST
Thanks a lot for the overwhelming response. A lot of
gurus quickly replied to my inquiry. The answer is
Yes, the server should be rebooted after backing out
the patch.

Here's the best two replies that I got. 

The reason you may need to reboot a machine after
applying a patch is 
the patch changes the kernel.  The kernel is loaded on
boot up. 
Changing the
kernel that exists in memory is something you don't
want to get into, 
as it
will probably crash the machine, perhaps irrevocably.

My suggestion is plan on rebooting the machine after
you remove the 

I am a believer in always rebooting a system after a
significant patch
change. The reason is that if the machine is hosed,
you have a good 
cause.  If, sometime in the future, you reboot it, and
it fails, you 
have an easy point from which to start. And then, the
pressure will be


> I have patch that I need to back out. Adding the
> patch
> requires server reboot. Do i have to reboot the
> server
> also when removing the patch? The Readme file
> doesn't
> tell if I need to reboot the server or not after
> bakcing out the patch.
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