SUMMARY: Netra T1 firmware password help

From: Loukinas, Jeremy <>
Date: Tue Jan 06 2004 - 09:26:43 EST
I got a lot of responses talking about buying new firmware chips and a lot
of other stuff. 

Turns out as long as you have root access to the OS Openboot does not prompt
for a firmware password when issuing EEPROM commands. 

Sad part was I had neither the root or the LOM/Firmware password. I took the
disks and installed them in an Ultra 30 booted of the cd changed the shadow
file then stuck them back in the Netra. From there I changed security=none
and was able to change my openboot settings. 


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Subject: Netra T1 firmware password help

How do you reset a lost netra t1 105 password? 

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