Summary: E250 problem: fan failure has been detected

From: Tony Magtalas <>
Date: Thu Mar 18 2004 - 13:44:50 EST
It turned out that I had a bad DC distribution panel (a small board lies right beneath
the system board). Replacing this board fixed this problem.
I received no reply to this questions other than Auto-reply Out of the Office messages
btw, the OBP was 3.30 (not 3.31). I stand corrected.
--- Original problem---

E250 with OBP=3.30 (latest); Solaris 2.7; loaded
system with 2 cpu and 2 GB of memory. Dual power supply.
Both at OK prompt level and during boot up, this system 
gave the following warning message:

WARNING: Fan failure has been detected.

(yes, this message also was detected at boot prompt

I have replaced the fan tray (with 3 fans); the 
system board, and the power supplies with no luck.
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