Summary: Keylogger timetracker etc

From: Rikard Skjelsvik <>
Date: Tue Jan 27 2004 - 09:07:40 EST
Sorry for the late summary.

In the original post i asked for suggestions for an old commandline 
application (that i know exist) which will record date/time/and 
activity(keybordinput and replies) for each telnet/ssh connection to 
spesific machines. A friend of mine (who is dead now) used it when he 
was working as a consultant/sysadmin to help ease documentation and make 
a papertrail of his work. Note! this is not spyware program. I tried to 
find this program on by searching for timetracker, 
keylogger etc. But could not find anything that fit. Therefore i turned 
to this list.

I got one reply tellling me about a keylogger and two replies 
reccomending the use of the script-command. Since i have not found the 
program i was looking for, i will use the script-command.

Unfortunalty i seem to have lost my saved-mail when upgrading MUA and 
can not give credit to those who replied.

Still, thanks to those who replied

(and to those 30+ that was kind enough to tell me about your vacationplans)


Rikard Skjelsvik
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