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Date: Fri Jun 18 2004 - 10:47:25 EDT
thanks for your support,
Richard butler
Syed muhamad atif
Trevor mclachlan
David foster
Peter Bauer
Muhamudu wamala
Tim pointing
Peter ondruska
Jeahne, Richard s
Michael schulte

>mt -f /dev/rmt/1n rewind
>mt -f /dev/rmt/1n fsf (x)  number of dumped files

x= you should know the number from your ufsdump script... and it started
from 0

>cd /temporrary directory
>ufsrestore -if  /dev/rmt/1n
>cd ..
>add filename
You have not read any volumes yet.
Unless you know which volume your file(s) are on you should start
with the last volume and work towards the first.
Specify next volume #: 1  ( if you have only 1 tape )


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Subject: ufs restore

> Hi all,
> I try to use ufsrestore to restore specific file from tape into my disk.
> > ufsrestore if /dev/rmt/1n
> After enter into ufsrestore promt , then i use command "ls"
> but while I try to find my speficic file in specific directory , I can't
> all files. even I can't use my "ls -al"
> I change other directory and try to use "ls" command but it's still
> While I change directory into /etc and use ls command , it works. I could
> all files.
>  it only working for /etc directory
> How can it happend?
> I believe , my ufsdump command worked well. it proven by using "ls"
> in "/" directory, I can see all my file and all directory
> Can you help me to solve this ?
> Regards,
> Wicak
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