SUMMARY: Mixing CPU speeds

From: Roy W. Erickson <>
Date: Thu Oct 07 2004 - 12:53:34 EDT
Thanks for all the responses, even the out-of-office notifications (at
least some one is having a vacation ;)

Here are some of the responses:

* You cannot mix CPU speeds in a V480. See
	((SunFire 880 Release Notes))
	((Mixing module speeds within a Sun Fire V880 is not))

* It won't work. You'll end up with 4 x 900.

* The local sun engr says it's OK if you're at the latest firmware
	((comments regarding a Non-480 system))

* Can you really do this?

* I've never heard of a happy system with mixed CPU speeds.

* In the older days, you'll run at the slowest CPU speeds

	((SunFire 480 Release Notes: "Must use the ...same speed))

Thanks, I'll take that last one as my answer.


-------------Original Question------------------

I have a SunFire480 running 2x900MHz 
        (Sol9 and the latest patch set).

I would like to add a 2x1.2GHz board, X6895A.

Any gotcha's I need to know about, or can I just drop it in and go?


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