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From: Anthony Talltree <>
Date: Thu Apr 15 2004 - 03:43:57 EDT
> Have any of you tried to adapt a Type 5 keyboard and/or mouse to USB?  
> I've been allocated a Mac G5 as a desktop machine, and loathe Apple's 
> keyboard and mouse --  control/capslock are switched on the keyboard, 
> eg., and the mouse lacks two buttons.  I'm currently using a USB Type 
> 6 mouse + keyboard, which function perfectly, but the stiff keys and 
> the shape of the mouse are killing my hands.  I see various sorts of 
> adapter dealies out there, but they're moderately expensive and I'd 
> like to see a success story before I spend the bucks.  Thanks.

Thanks as usual the the horde of folks with badly misconfigured 
autoresponders who think I care that they're away from their offices.

I've received pointers to two devices that should work:

o Lightwave Communications product called "Chameleon".  Some web sites 
offer the product for sale in the $150 range, though it appears that 
this company was acquired by Lantronix, and I wonder about 
availability.  One respondent is using this product, albeit on a Sun.  
Another mentioned a similar, perhaps even OEM'd product from UltraSpec:

o Raritan has a product pn ASUSB that appears to be intended for use 
with some wacky KVM switch, but which should also work for my 
application.  It's available in the $80 range, eg here:

I'll probably give one of the latter a try.

A number of folks misunderstood what I was after, suggesting various 
other USB keyboards and USB-PS/2 adapters, which wouldn't help because 
they all have broken layouts, except for the Happy Hacking models, 
which are two minimalist for comfortable desktop usage on a Mac, and 
ludicrously expensive.

Thanks to all who responded.
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