Summary:Connecting two Exabyte tape libraries to SunFire v440

From: Joe Philip <>
Date: Fri Jul 02 2004 - 08:35:59 EDT
Thanks everyone for the valuable advice.

Everyone advised against putting the tape units in the same SCSI chain. The
reason is that in a SCSI chain only one machine can write to the bus at any
given time. Since we have mutilple backup jobs running in parallel and
writing  to multiple tape drives, it will cause congestion in the bus and
severe performance problems.
This will cause the tape drives to wear faster too since the data can not be

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Subject: Connecting two Exabyte tape libraries to SunFire v440

> We are planning to connect two Exabyte Tape libraries (Exabyte 210 and
> 220) connected to a SunFire v440 server. We have decided to connect 210 to
> SCSI and then Daisy chain the second one.
> How practical would be this configuration?
> Does the last device on the daisy chain perform poor?
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