SUMMARY:1.7 TB file system on Veritas giving error...

From: <>
Date: Fri Jul 23 2004 - 01:57:31 EDT
Thanks Everyone for great support and knowledge sharing !

My Original Question was : I created a file system of 1.7 TB ufs on Veritas
Volume manager , OS Solaris 8 but after mounting was able to see only 1 TB
and rest 700 GB was not visible.

I'm thankful to following people especially for letting me understand th
eproblem and for their contributions ;

Darren Dunham:
You cannot create UFS filesystems larger than 1TB prior to Solaris 9.
VxVM 3.5 is required to support multi-terabyte volumes properly, and
VxFS 3.5 can support multi-terabyte filesystems.

John Blair:
First make certain you are using Vxfs 3.5 or better. earlier versions could
create volumes greater than 1TB but not Filesystems. if you need to upgrade
be sure to upgrade the dg and vols as well

William D Hathaway:
Solaris doesn't offer support for filesystems greater than 1 TB until
the Sol 9 update 4 release ( 08/2003).
I think you probably have to either upgrade to Solaris 9 or make two
smaller volumes.

Chris Pinnock:
You cannot have ufs file systems about 1TB

Adrian Phipps:
Veritas File System 3.4  only supports maximum 1Tb file systems

Jeff Woolsey:
UFS tops out at 1TB.  (maybe 16TB in S9, but I may misremember that)

In a nutshell I summerize as ,

1.    Solaris 8 has limitation of 1 TB , Solaris 9 can go upto 16 TB.
2.    VxFS till 3.5 can have a DG of size more than 1 TB but not file
3.    UFS tops out at 1 TB so , I was not able to see the rest 700 GB.

Solution I took was that I had to break up the single file system contents
( in accordance with DBA's ofcourse) and broke it up into smaller 500GB
file systems and created them in VxFS.

Thanks anyhow for all the support and help.

Anshul Mathur
Senior Software Engg.
Accenture Services Pvt.Ltd.,
+91 80 510 61772

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