PART SUMMARY: cannot change user password

From: Barry Deevey <>
Date: Wed Jun 30 2004 - 10:48:58 EDT
Hi all,

Many thanks to Vinnie German, Angelos Kanellopoulos, Lars Heckling, Jordan
Klein, Rob McDonnell, G Hackett & Saran Nanjappan for their (extremely
quick!) replies.

I'm not running NIS or rpc.yppasswd, but from the various suggestions I was
sent the only thing that worked was to use
'passwd -r files "user_account"' as root, and then run pwconv.  This allowed
me to change the password for the user.

As I tried out the other suggestions I noticed that the problem was
happening with all users (including root) and the above was the only way I
could change the password for any accounts.

I think even though my initial problem has been resolved, there may still be
an underlying issue as passwd <user> still does not work.

Thanks again.


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Subject: cannot change user password

Hi all,

I'm running solaris 8 patched up to the latest recommended cluster on a
Sunfire V120.  I've added a user:

useradd -u 615 -g 101 -d /home/myuser -s /usr/bin/bash myuser

But I cannot change the password as root or myuser as it just returns
permission denied.

I've removed the *LK* from /etc/shadow but it made no difference.

I've tested this on another V120 and it works fine, but I cannot see any
obvious difference between the two servers.

Apologies for this post, but I've googled and searched through sun docs and
they all seem to refer to LDAP, which we're not running.

Any replies are much appreciated.

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