From: Miller Alan <>
Date: Fri Jun 18 2004 - 12:03:15 EDT
Well, nobody was able to offer share any real-life direct comparisons
between the CPUs but I did get some helpful info to comtemplate.

 There are some benchmarks for SPARC IV machines at
 You might want to look at:
 SunFire 6900 w/24 SPARV IV CPUs @1200 MHz

 SunFire 6800 2/24 SPARC III CPUs @1200 MHz

 Contrary to some statements I heard. It is possible to mix SPARC III and
 SPARC IV CPUs in a domain, BUT SPARC IV CPUs will require you to run
 (or upgrade to) Solaris 04/04.

 Sun says you will see between 60 and 90% better performance, depending
 on the application, with SPARC IV compared to SPARC III. But, again,
 I haven't seen any real-life direct comparisons yet.

In the meantime I've been told we'll be buying 12 SPARC IV for our SF6800,
which will give us 12 SPARC III and 12 SPARC IV CPUS. So it looks like 
I'll be able to do my own comparisons soon.

My next little project will be slicing up my single-partition machine
into a 3-domain, dual-partition machine.

  Partition 0: [RP0 RP1] Domain A: 12 SPARC III CPU, [SB0][SB][SB4][IO6][IO8]
  Partition 1: [RP2 RP3] Domain C:  8 SPARC IV CPUs, [SB1][SB3]    [IO7]
                         Domain D:  4 SPARC IV CPUs, [SB5]         [IO9]

If anybody has any good tips or pitfalls for me to watch out for, I
wouldn't mind hearing from your experiences.


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