SUMMARY: how to do stop-a from the service console or SC

From: Brent Bailey <>
Date: Tue Apr 20 2004 - 16:40:08 EDT
First ..i want to than everyone who helped me :-)

My question was :

Im setting up a sunfire v440 w/ solaris 9 12/03 ...the machine didnt come
with a keyboard so i have done the install from the SC  (service console)
and a laptop that the system has been installed i want to apply the
recommended updates however ..the way i have done it in the past is
# init 6
then do "stop-a"
and do boot -s
then apply the patches...i dont have a sun keyboard so i cant do a stop-a..
is there a equivilent to the stop-a keystroke on a regular keyboard ?

you need to send a break from the PC terminal.  But
rather than init 6 (reboots) use init 0 (shutsdown to
the 'ok' prompt).  Then you can boot -s

Brent Bailey
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