SUMMARY:sun fire v240 possible graphics console

From: Lisa Weihl <>
Date: Fri Mar 19 2004 - 14:31:17 EST
Thanks for the quick turnaround!  The answer is YES! (I thought it would be 
no) my graphics card will work in the Sun Fire v240 so that I can put it on 
a KVM switch.  I had already issued a boot -r after installing the card so 
the system knew the card was there I just had to issue 2 commands to the PROM.

setenv output-device screen
setenv input-device keyboard

Just for the archives my graphics card is model # X3668A, a Sun PGX32 PCI 
color frame buffer.

Now the only sad thing is that I have a Black Box ServeSwitch Ultra which 
means I have to have a separate keyboard since this one is USB and the 
switch doesn't support USB.  Already have an extra keyboard sitting out for 
my Mac server.

Thanks a bunch to the following....
Kent Perrier, Daniel Pettersson, Thomas Walter, Vinh Tran, Michael Horton, 
Skip Hammack and Sean Walmsley.

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