SUMMARY: /net and automountd problems

From: Geoff Lane <>
Date: Tue Feb 10 2004 - 07:01:54 EST
The automounter problems turned out to be caused by missing patches.  Casper
supplied a list of three but the key seems to be a forth, 108993-31, which
obsoletes two of them.

Dan provided a useful guide to debugging automounter problems which I've
also included.

[As an aside, I'm surprised that the automounter was _totally_ nonfunctional
without the patches and that 108993 doesn't appear in the _recommended_
patch report for our servers and that the brief description implies it's
only LDAP related.]

Thanks for the replies.


From: Casper Dik <>

You might want to install all patches for automount:
112605-04 110700-01 111393-02
It is possible that you have mismatched autofs packages and runtime
(the autofs filesystem is in SUNWcar* and the rest is in the autofs

From: Dan Penrod <>

Did you try it with the very verbose debug settings?  :)

    athena-root >> ps -ef|grep auto
        root 11862     1  0   Jan 21 ?       131:06
    /usr/lib/autofs/automountd -vTT
        root 24448 24434  0 07:56:05 pts/17   0:00 grep auto
    athena-root >>

Anything less that -v and 2 T's may not show you what you need to see.
You should be getting verbose output (to the console) like this...

    t1      LOOKUP REPLY    : status=0
    t25     LOOKUP REQUEST: Mon Feb  9 08:03:29 2004
    t25       name=rcarter[] map=auto_home opts=nobrowse path=/nt/home
    t25       PUSH /etc/auto_home
    t25       POP /etc/auto_home
    t25       mapline: cheetoh:/nt/users/&
    t25       do_lookup1: action=2 wildcard=FALSE error=0
    t25     LOOKUP REPLY    : status=0

    1      LOOKUP REQUEST: Mon Feb  9 08:05:00 2004
    1        name=infosys[] map=auto_home opts=nobrowse path=/nt/home
    1        PUSH /etc/auto_home
    1        POP /etc/auto_home
    1        mapline: trinity:/nt/users/&
    1        do_lookup1: action=0 wildcard=TRUE error=0
    1      LOOKUP REPLY    : status=0
    38     MOUNT REQUEST:   Mon Feb  9 08:05:00 2004
    38       name=infosys[] map=auto_home opts=nobrowse path=/nt/home
    38       PUSH /etc/auto_home
    38       POP /etc/auto_home
    38       mapline: trinity:/nt/users/&
    38       do_mount1:
    38       (nfs,nfs)     /nt/home/infosys
                   trinity:/nt/users/infosys       penalty=0
    38             nfsmount: standard mount on /nt/home/infosys :
    38               trinity:/nt/users/infosys
    38             ping: trinity timeout=15 request vers=3 min=2
    38             pingnfs OK: nfs version=3
    38       nfsmount: Get mount version: request vers=3 min=3
    38             nfsmount: mount version=3
    38             mount trinity:/nt/users/infosys /nt/home/infosys (xattr)
    38             mount trinity:/nt/users/infosys dev=3c82e7a rdev=0 OK
    38     MOUNT REPLY    : status=0, AUTOFS_DONE

If you're not getting any output... I'd kill and restart the automounter 
with the -vTT switches and then watch that window.

    athena-root >>     kill 11862 ; /usr/lib/autofs/automountd -vTT

That should insure you're seeing the debugging output.  So long as you 
have the line...

    /net -hosts   -nosuid,nobrowse

in your auto.master NIS table (which is the auto_master file in the /etc 
directory of the NIS master) the /net/{hostname}/.. automounter feature 
should work.  You might verify that the auto.master table is configured 
correctly by issuing a ypmatch from your client...

    athena-root >> ypmatch -k /net auto.master
    /net: -hosts            -nosuid,nobrowse
    athena-root >>

Also, don't forget.  Automounter is a feature of NFS which is client 
server.  You need NFS client services running on the client as well as 
the automounter daemon.  You need NFS server services running on the 
server, as well as the necessary directories shared.  I wouldn't be 
surprised if this is your problem.  You might want to verify that the 
server you're trying to get to is sharing by issuing a showmount query 
on that server...

    athena-root>>   showmount -e trinity
    export list for trinity:
    /nt                (everyone)


On Mon, Feb 09, 2004 at 03:02:28PM +0000, Geoff Lane wrote:
> We have some Sun servers (mostly Solaris 8) where the automounter was
> disabled and/or removed from the system.  We now need the /net facility and
> are attempting to get the automountd services running again.
> Packages  SUNWatfsr and  SUNWatfsu are installed and the /etc/auto_master
> and /etc/auto_home exist and are identical to copies we have on other
> servers which have a working /net facility.  The line in auto_master for
> /net contains
> /net            -hosts          -nosuid,nobrowse
> /usr/lib/autofs/automountd is running (automatically started at boot time.)
> Everything is fine at the server end - it is used by a number of other
> clients on the same network segment and the same domain.  Mounting the
> remote filesystem by hand works without problems and it's not possible to
> create files in /net even as root which suggests that it is being managed by
> the automounter.
> Trussing automountd shows that it gets activated when cd /net/<hostname> is
> performed but it doesn't do anything useful like mount the filesystem or
> give an error message (switching on the automountd debug trace doesn't
> help.)
> We've worked through the suggestions in in the Automounter FAQ
> ( and The NFS Admin guide
> ( however nothing helps.
> What should we try next?

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