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Date: Wed Feb 11 2004 - 05:48:09 EST
Thanks to those who replied :

Gillian Bennett
Christophe Dupre
Dave Miner
Larye Parkins
Crist Clark

I didn't mention that I use Suns' DHCP. It seems that it's possible to have a
primary and a secondary DHCP servers using ISC:

Another possibility with Sun's DHCP is decribed at:

In this case it needs to split the pool of IP addresses between both servers
and to share the data store with NIS+ or NFS.

Another possibility is to copy the data store regularly from the active server
to a standby server. If the active server goes down, in.dhcpd can be started
on the standby server (after editing the files in the data store to reflect
the new server name).

For now I'll use this strategy. It's easy to put in place, I can keep Sun's
DHCP (I use the GUI and ISC doesn't have a GUI), and I got rid of NIS+ and NFS
and don't want to implement them again.


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> Hello,
> I set up a Solaris 9 server as DHCP server and DNS server. Sometimes I have
to reboot this server. It's not a problem for DNS as I have a DNS slave
> But for DHCP I don't have a slave server. Does anybody knows if it's
possible to set up a slave server ?
> I'll summarize.
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