SUMMARY: T3 interconnect cable pinouts + CM 2.2

From: Stoyan Angelov <>
Date: Fri Oct 29 2004 - 09:30:39 EDT
i have received no answer for my question regarding the pinouts of the 
T3 disk tray interconnect cable.
i did a further search on the net and found this information:
  - the connector is called DE9 not DB9
  - the pinouts of a standard DE9 FC cable are:

   \o o o o o/
   6         9

1: +fc_out
5: +fc_in
6: -fc_out
9: -fc_in

Pin  	Signal  	Direction
1 	TX+ 		Output
2 	VCC 		VCC
3 	Fault - 	Input
4 	Key 		NC
5 	RX+ 		Input
6 	TX- 		Output
7 	ODIS + 		Output
8 	GND 		GND
9 	RX- 		Input

i could not find any other information so i guess the DE9 to DE9 FC 
cable will look like this[*]

DE9(male)			DE9(male)
pin 1: +fc_out		pin 5: +fc_in
pin 5: +fc_in		pin 1: +fc_out
pin 6: -fc_out		pin 9: -fc_in
pin 9: -fc_in		pin 6: -fc_out

[*] NOTE: THIS IS NOT TESTED. i am not sure if a cable built this way 
will function properly. it is possible that you DAMAGE your expensive 
equipment so please test it on your own risk.

thanks to Charles Giannetto for his answer regarding Component Manager 
2.2: "As for Component Manager, it has been dropped (EOL'ed by Sun) 
quite some time ago.  It's replacement is Sun Storage Automated 
Diagnostic Environment (SUNWstade), which should be available on the Sun 
web site."

Sun StorADE 2.3 is availabe for download from here:
(the current version is /w patch 116720-10)

more information is available here:


my original question was:

 >> hello all,
 >> can anyone please share the pinouts of the T3 disk tray interconnect
 >> cable (the one that connects to the interconnect board) ?
 >> the only information i was able to find is that the cable it is:
 >> . DB9M to DB9M (not FC-AL compliant)
 >> . from sunsolve
 >>   - 0.33m DB9 Interconnect Cable 530-2842
 >>   - 0.6m DB9 Interconnect Cable 530-2843
 >>   - "Serial"
 >> i am also looking for the management software "component manager
 >> 2.2".
 >> documentation states that it is free of charge - i looked at sun's
 >> site but it was not in the download area. does anyone know how can i
 >> obtain it ?
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