Partial Summary Ultra 10 bad motherboard?

From: Tyler Hardison <>
Date: Tue Jul 20 2004 - 14:05:24 EDT
Thanks to everyone who replied, tried a number of things down to 
disassembling and dusting with no results.

However, now we've pulled another U10 from the shelf and moved the drives 
and appropriate cards over. The system claims that ge0 is not a valid 
interface. I can test this interface from the OBP and see traffic, but 
solaris refuses to see it. I've already did devfsadm -i ge and a boot -r 
and a full-blown devfsadm -C.

Any other suggestions?



On Mon, 19 Jul 2004, Tyler Hardison wrote:

> I've got an Ultra 10 that we use as a tape backup server. Today after
> moving it (swear no hardware changes were involved ;-) ) it refuses to
> wake up. I plugged a keyboard in and was able to get it into diag
> (stop-d) Now here is the strange part. It passes POST, not even so much
> as a wink of a problem until it gets to "decompressing in memory"
> displays a size in hex and then just hangs. I let it go for an hour
> like this with no change.
> Does someone with an U10 have a complete OBP diag printout showing what
> comes after this? I have a feeling that whatever step is after this is
> the cause of my hangup. If someone wants more detail in the output I'll
> be happy to provide that.
> Thanks
> Tyler.
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