SUMMARY: 6800 SC0 issue...

From: Jon Hudson <>
Date: Fri Jul 30 2004 - 16:31:01 EDT
Thanks to Jeff at, he had the answer. Called Sun just to verify,
they agreed. Just performed the action, and everything is fine.

Basically I just had to press the reset button on SC0. I was just a
little worried that I could do so with the code level I was running
without interfering with the OS. Everything went fine.

Also would like to thank Brian Gerard for making me laugh =)

"I was reading through your post, thinking "why on earth does this guy
think he's going to get a solution to his problem with _SCO_ on a
_Solaris_ list?"

...then I got to the "SC0->SC1" line, and all was made clear.  :)"
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