SUMMARY: Sunfire V480 ,Solaris 9 VxVm 3.5 and X6727

From: Ing. Angel Alejandro Vega Soto <>
Date: Fri Sep 10 2004 - 14:10:04 EDT
I'm really sorry about the VERY late SUMMARY, but we couldn't try the
solution , till very recently.

Thanks to :

Lokinas, Jeremy.

Who suggested to create the exclude files to exclude the disk routes.


Who sugguested
to use the 17 -> 4 option of vxdiskadm , to make the two paths
equivalent, which I tried but after the initial encapsulation and the
reboot, didn't boot.

Mike Eklhom, suggested to use VxVm 4.0 instead of 3.5, but that was not
an option.

The final solution was a variation of the first option.

We installed both cards, install solaris, install volume manager.
Create and the exclude cards, using one disks of every controller, and
excluding it of the other. and mirrored  by VxVm.

In other words, we see one disk by one controller, and the other by the
second controller, and then mirror them.

Its doesn't provide the maximum redundancy schema, but provides 2 of 3.

Thanks to the list ! 

The original post is below !

Hello managers, I once again require your help.

I have the above configuration, an at installation point I having some
The X6727 is used for the double loop to the internal disks.
The installation went in the following order.

1.- Solaris 9
2.- Recommended Patches

At this point the machine sees 4 logical disks( it only has 2 disks),
because the double loop interface.

3.- SAN packages
4.- Veritas Volume Manager

at the vxinstall, to try to encapsulate the bootdisk at reboot time it
complains about:

rootdisk hasn't been encapsulated

Following are the disks with duplicate diskid: c1t0d0s2, c2t1d0s2

vxvm:vxconfigd: NOTICE: Unable to resolve duplicate diskid.

Please refer to release notes and admin guide for possible action/solut.

the double loop card, was removed to try this after VxVM was
installed,but the controller id of the disks were changed, so we boot
into single user mode from CD and change them back.

after we booted ok, and encapsulated the rootdisk, reboot and it was
ready, the double loop card was reinstalled and rebooted and FAILED !

Why is this doing this, B? Why the DMP of VxVM is not working ?
What can I do ?  Any one has any similar problem ?
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