SUMMARY: Solaris 8 init0.d Kill script

From: Andrew Luande <>
Date: Thu Jun 24 2004 - 06:22:54 EDT
Thanks for all the responses.  Once again this mailing list has helped me

How I resolved my problem below was;

In my oracle shutdown commands I had to take out the '&' signs. 

I then added a process check before the diskset is umounted that looks like

while [ "`ps -ef | grep oracle | grep -v grep`" != "" ]
/usr/bin/echo "Waiting for Oracle to stop."
sleep 60

Thanks to all that assisted. I am grateful.  Cheers

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Subject: Solaris 8 init0.d Kill script

Good day,

I have a problem with running a kill script for a database.  

What I have to do to shutdown is to shutdown oracle first then I need to
release and umount my diskset.  Problem I have is that it begins the oracle
shutdown script and less than a few seconds after that begins to unmount and
disconnect my diskset.  I have tried to move around the order of the oracle
shutdown script but with no luck.  Even when I put the oracle shutdown at
K00 and the diskset unmount at K99 in rc0.d the still doenst let the oracle
shutdown completely. Please help. 

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