SUMMARY: Changing an NFS file system exported R/O

From: Steve Howie <>
Date: Mon Feb 02 2004 - 12:53:22 EST
Thanks to the lightning quick responses from:

Ken Zachmann
Darrel Dunham
Chad Johnson
Jay Lessert

The consensus is that there is no cause for alarm and that NFS handles 
everything just fine.

Thanks again


Original message:

We have  an NFS file system which is exported Read-Only to a client. 
Would there be any issues at the clients end if the content of the files 
system was updated at the end of the connection which is exporting the 
file system?

I know (from experience) that a file system such as one residing on a 
SAN cannot reliably be mounted by two different hosts (even RW and RO on 
different hosts) if using the Solaris UFS file system. I was wondering 
if similar issues existed for an NFS exported file system? Or is there 
even anything to worry about?
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