Summary: Ftp'ing large files

From: Gosselin, Mark <>
Date: Thu Feb 12 2004 - 15:38:18 EST
Thanks to everyone who respnded (and very quickly, too)

Looks as thought the problem was on the system I was pushing the file from...
I ftp'd using "get" on my V440, it worked like a champ...

I found some info on Sun's site regarding setting that might help on my NIC
card, as well.
The system I had difficulty with is an old AIX box that'll be retiring

Thanks again,
Mark Gosselin
NetScout Systems

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Hi List,

I just set up a V440 attached to a Hitachi disk array without any problems.
problems start when I try to
ftp a large file (>70GB) to that disk array (or to internal disk)... Once the
file size gets up to 22GB, the ftp
stops. I've tried several times, and each time it stops at the same file

It's running Solaris 9 (12/03), completely patched. The files system is VXFS,
with Large files enabled...

Has anyone ever seen this? Does anyone know what settings might need to be

Makr Gosselin
NetScout Systems, Inc.
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