SUMMARY RE: 420R with an HBA issue

From: <>
Date: Fri Sep 24 2004 - 10:11:10 EDT
OK, not quite done but here's what I've got:

Issues were finally traced to the fact that the new HBA has a new

Solution was to rezone the HBA, then modify the LUN masking parameters
within the Clariion.

Thanks go to Roman Kozello, John Malick, - no name
provided, and several others, including EMC Tech support.

I still have some grimy details to work out with Veritas, but the hard
stuff's done.
My original post is below.



Morning all,
I positive I'm missing something here....

I have a 420R that crashed recently. It is configured as follows:
Solaris 8, 2 Emulex HBA's connected to a Clariion CX-600 via a pair of
Brocades. I'm running Veritas Volume Manager and File System, with DMP.
Version is 3.5, and I think I put MP2 on it. It was running fine before
the H/W issue, so I don't think Veritas or Solaris is a contributing

We traced the crash to a bad Emulex HBA and/or cable. The box wouldn't
boot. Pull the cable to one HBA and we're good, put it back and we're
bad. Sounds simple.

I replaced the HBA and the cable. Now the box is up. If I run some
simple Veritas volume manager commands like vxdisk list <diskname> I
should see four paths to specified  disk, two through each controller.
I only see two paths , both through the one controller that wasn't
replaced (c3).

I see both cards generate link up events on the SAN, I can see both
cards using the utility provided by Emulex - lputil. I have a link light
on the Brocade connected to the replacement card. I don't see the cards
when I try to run vxdmpadm - the Veritas utility to manage their dynamic
multi-pathing. So I checked the disks using Solaris format. I don't see
any disks  through the replacement controller which is supposed to come
up as c4.

What am I missing? Should I have run a reconfiguration reboot? I did
not. Is there something more subtle going on?

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!

Steve Starer

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