SUMMARY: Shell Script Help

From: Bhavesh Shah <>
Date: Thu Dec 16 2004 - 14:29:52 EST
Thanks to all for their prompt response.
The list is big but to name a few:

Michael DeSimone
Stephen Barnett
Eric Noriega
Jonel Rienton
Crist Clark
Wanderley Alex
Carlos Rodriguez

The solution is:
cat filename |awk -F\" '{print "\""$2"\""}'

Special Thanks to Michael DeSimone who helped me in fixing my script as
My original question was

Hi Gurus,

Sorry to be off the topic. I need help with shell script.

I have some files with following lines:

cp /PATH/filename  "PATH2/PATH 3/file name"

If I need to extract only "PATH2/PATH 3/file name" to a separate file.
How can achieve this? I tried using awk but because of spaces in quotes
e.g. PATH 3 I am able to extract only

"PATH2/PATH instead of complete "PATH2/PATH 3/file name"

Any help/pointer greatly appreciated


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