SUMMARY: Generating status message from RM6.

From: Grzegorz Nowakowski <>
Date: Mon Apr 26 2004 - 03:52:55 EDT

Thanks for fast reply, esp. to Alan Pae and Hutin Bertrand (sorry guys
for not replying directly).

Alan, as for my understanding, problem lies not in the script itself. 
When the script is invoked, event is outstanding for the whole time of
scirpt execution (I found no way to clear it earlier) and healthck
somewhow triggers this event again so we have endless loop (till system
resources are exhausted).  That's my hypothesis.

Bertrand suggested using Big Brother plugin
( and after all this
seems to be the best solution (modulo monitoring system of course - I'm
using Nagios (

Thanks again and best regards.

Original message:

> Hi Managers,
> I'm administering a few Sun servers with A1000 arrays under control of
> the Raid Manager 6.22 software.  The problem is that array status
> logging/reporting is insufficient for my needs.  Servers are remotely
> operated but emails sent to root account (and forwarded to where they
> can be read from) contain no details about events, so in each case I
> have to login, run GUI application and check status log.
> Recently I tried to hack the 'rmscript' to supply output from 'healthck'
> utility but there is strange effect: very invocation of 'healthck'
> causes to generate 100 or so event messages.  It seems that if
> 'arraymon' (or whatever invokes 'rmscript') detects that execution of
> 'rmscript' takes too long - it invokes another one.  Or maybe 'healthck'
> somehow causes 'rmscript' to be invoked.
> Any ideas how can I get around it?  Or better, maybe there's another way
> to get to see 'array xxx, disk yyy failed' in my inbox?  Or, at least,
> is there any way via command line to get event entry (like in rmlog.log)
> nicely described like in GUI?
Grzegorz Nowakowski <>
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