SUMMARY: DiskSuite: Inappropriate ioctl for device

From: Jamie Garofalo <>
Date: Wed Sep 22 2004 - 10:06:15 EDT

	The md config files (although they seemed unmodified) must have been
corrupted by the DS 4.2 installation and removal. I uninstalled and
reinstalled all of the Solaris 9 Volume Manager packages and everything is
working perfect now.

Thanks to all who tried to help....


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	I'm having trouble with DiskSuite 4.2 on a Solaris 9 server. 
When attempting to create a RAID5 or Striped metadevice, I am receiving
"Inappropriate ioctl device"

106627-19 has been applied and all the disks can be read or formatted for
ufs without a problem. It's only DS that's giving me the problem.

# metainit d0 -r c1t1d0s6 c2t2d0s6 c2t3d0s6 c2t4d0s6
metainit: server_name: Inappropriate ioctl for device

Also getting this in the /var/adm/messages log file.

Sep 16 15:03:52 engcode1 krtld: [ID 819705 kern.notice]
/kernel/misc/sparcv9/md_stripe: undefined symbol Sep 16 15:03:52 engcode1
krtld: [ID 826211 kern.notice]  'panic_hook'
Sep 16 15:03:52 engcode1 krtld: [ID 472681 kern.notice] WARNING: mod_load:
cannot load module 'md_stripe'


Thank you,
Jamie Garofalo
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