Summary: trying to add qlc 2gb fibre HBA, doesn't seem to work

From: Dell, Mary <>
Date: Tue Sep 28 2004 - 09:59:12 EDT
Well, not exactly a solution, but I think I know what happened.  After it
failed to see the fibre HBA I recabled the juke for LVD scsi (it's mainly
LVD, it just has a fibre bridge) and attached it to my LVD scsi HBA.  The
LVD HBA already had a working juke attached to one channel.  I attached the
new juke to the second channel and lo and behold, the OS dropped that HBA as
well.  Removing the second juke and doing a boot/reconfigure didn't bring it
back, either.  I ended up rolling back via flash archive, to a version of
the server from about 2 days before I started installing packages to support
the fibre card, and the LVD HBA came back.

I was able to attach an identical juke to an identical machine, via LVD,
without losing the HBA.

Based on all of this and on input from folks here, I've surmised a couple of

1. if you attach an improperly cabled, terminated, or just plain
incompatible device to an HBA, the OS may fail to detect the HBA thereafter

2. the million patches required for the X6767a fibre HBA may cause problems
in the sd or st driver.

So, in a nutshell, the solution was to roll back to the pre-fibre state of
the machine, and don't attempt to use the fibre HBA.  Bummer.

Thanks to all who responded...

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Subject: trying to add qlc 2gb fibre HBA, doesn't seem to work

Hi folks,
I'm trying to go live tonight with a new jukebox, which I've attached to a
new HBA in my e220R - I can see it (juke/card) from the OK prompt but not
the os.  I've installed all the required packages and patches - at least
according to the doc for the card, X6767A - but it doesn't seem to see
anything from inside the OS.  And I'm not 100% sure how to tell, other than
doing an inquire from /etc/LGTOuscsi.  If I do prtconf it shows "driver not
loaded" for qlc but I'm not sure that means anything.  I've boot -r'd it a
zillion times - this is Solaris 9 - help?

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