SUMMARY: NFS Mount Problem

From: Anthony Gunia <>
Date: Mon Jan 05 2004 - 15:58:45 EST
Sorry about the delay in this summary...many fires to put out prior to the end
of the semester.  Thanks to the following for their suggestions:

Tim Villa
Jason Santos
Lee Caldwell
Jeff Barratt
Kanellopoulos Angelos

My original post was regarding a script that when run on a server could not
mount an NFS volume from another:
# Mount NFS patch directory from SUNTEST2
mount -F nfs -o ro,bg,soft suntest2:/opt/patchcheck_1.2 /opt/patchcheck_1.2 ;
# Run patch checking
/usr/bin/perl /opt/patchcheck_1.2/ -l -b ;

When I execute the above, I get the following errors:

NFS read failed for server suntest2:  error 5 (RPC: Timed Out)
NFS getattr failed for server suntest2:  error 5 (RPC: Time Out)

There was a name resolution problem found, but once corrected, it did not
solve my problem.  Also, nfs.server was starting before RPC.  No collisions
either.  /etc/dfs/dfstab had the appropriate entries as well.  I ended up
contacting Sun Support, who suggested I run snoop on the box having trouble
connecting and see what happens.  When I ran snoop in one terminal window, I
could then run the script in another and it connected fine.  So, I put the
following in the script before the mount command and it works fine:

/usr/sbin/snoop -o /dev/null &

I also put a pkill snoop at the end of the script.  Really quirky...but the
server is an older box (Ultra 5), and will be going away soon.  Thanks for
everyone's help, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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