SUMMARY: Where is netscape 7.2 ?

From: Tony Magtalas <>
Date: Tue Nov 23 2004 - 00:43:13 EST
Many thanks to Anthony D'Atri, Esteban, Dominic
Clermont,JV, Rich Kulawiec, Matthew Stier, Alan Pae,
Tyler Hardison, Ray Pengelley, Micahel Horton, Casper
Dik, Claude Charest, Harvey Wamboldt, Tim Evans,
Michael Horton, Daryl Mitchell, Lars Hecking and
Deborah Santomauro.

The response was almost unanimous: There isn't one
Use Firefox instead. (from
Regarding viewing Postscript, Casper Dik said that the
latest acroread is 5.0.9 (sparc only), available

To make a default browser, Claude Charest suggested
the following:

	cd /usr/dt/bin
	ln -s /where_is_the_new_browser_prg (ln -s
AND MODIFY sdtwebclient like this:
X> sun# diff sdtwebclient.orig sdtwebclient
X> 5c5
X> < DEFAULT_BROWSER_LIST="netscape mozilla
sun_netscape netscape6"
X> ---
X> > DEFAULT_BROWSER_LIST="firefox netscape mozilla
sun_netscape netscape6"
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